Sony Bend’s Unannounced PS4 Game Could be a Third-Person Resistance

Here’s something to ponder over your morning cereal (substitute cereal with whatever is most relevant in your time zone,) – what in the blazes is Sony Bend working on?

We know the first-party studio is working on a PS4 game, that’s been public knowledge for a while now, but exactly what they’re working on remains an elusive mystery.

So what are they working on? Well, we know that they’re working on something with enemies in a similar fashion to those found in The Last of Us and Resident Evil and that the game is supposedly a survival-horror game.

Now, think back to the days of the PS3 (it shouldn’t be that hard, it’s not dead just yet.) What were some of the biggest exclusives being pushed out by Sony for the console? Uncharted, Killzone and Gran Turismo are just a few that come to mind, but there’s also the fan-favourite Resistance series.

All three PS3 entries performed respectably when they shipped – both in sales numbers and critical reviews – so is it possible that Sony would just let a lucrative franchise sit in the past? Personally, I’m saying no. It was good enough to get a PSP spin-off, so that’s saying something about Sony’s faith in the series.

Speaking of the PSP spin-off…

Who developed Resistance: Retribution for the PSP? Sony Bend of course! Yep, the studio crafted an exemplary third-person shooter, despite the lack of a second analogue stick. The team at Sony Bend also released Uncharted: Golden Abyss as a launch title for the PS Vita and did a bloody good job in showing off the capabilities of the console. It’s just a shame they didn’t get the chance to make a second game due to Naughty Dog not wanting too many Uncharted game’s releasing.

So they’re quite familiar with working on established properties, you could say…

Personally, I’m of the thought that Sony Bend are bringing Resistance to the PS4, though maybe it won’t be the same Resistance we know. With their past experience in working on third-person shooters, the fact they’ve proven themselves to be quite adept at taking on other properties (one of which is Resistance), and the hints that the enemies are similar to those in The Last of Us and Resident Evil (i.e those nasty Chimera) I don’t think it’d be completely foolish to speculate that Sony Bend could be developing a third-person Resistance for the PS4. A reboot? A spin-off? A prequel? More likely a spin-off, or so I’d personally hope.

More recently we got the disappointing Resistance: Burning Skies for the PS Vita. Set within the same universe as the previous Resistance games, it showed that it’s still possible to weave a tale within the already established lore. Nothing is off the table at this point, not until we get an official announcement.

Too long; didn’t read I’m willing to bet good money that Sony Bend’s new game will be Resistance for the PS4 and we’ll lap it up like the greedy sods we all are.

What do you reckon? Could the clues lead to Sony Bend’s next game being another Resistance? Or do you think this writer is barking mad?

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