Sony Clarifies Stance on Pub Fund: “It is Our Passion Project” “Always Looking For Awesome Devs”

Sony runs a little initiative that you may or may not know about. The Sony Pub Fund is a little project that the Japanese giant uses to help small-time developers get their games out into the open for the world to see, play, and hopefully enjoy.

Sony’s Brian Silva has been hounded with questions about the initiative in recent days and he’s taken to Twitter to vent a bit of frustration/clarify the firm’s stance on the Pub Fund.

The he clarifies which Pub Fund games have been announced, though we suspect there are a few that haven’t been formally announced, too.

And then he boasts on just how many games Sony has helped bring to life. 

Before stating again that the firm is always on the lookout for new opportunities with developers.

Oi, Sony, we’ve got a great idea for a game. Want to throw a few quid our way? No? Ah, well, worth a shot…

We’re actually a little surprised that so many people have been asking for more indie games; every time the PS Plus line up is announced and there’s even the hint of a game that hasn’t had millions poured into it, players get online and start venting their angst at the indie developers. Que?!

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