Sony Is Not Planning to Profit on PlayStation VR Hardware

Not too long ago we heard that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset was going to be priced similarly to a new console, and we did not take the news well. We felt that the headset being priced so highly, plus the fact that you need a PS4 to use it, meant a lot of people would disregard it as not worth the money, therefore PSVR would be doomed to failure.

However thanks to Digital Spy we have some good news because Shuhei Yoshida told them: “We tend to price hardware not to make money from it but to get as many install base so that content can be sold. This is the same kind of thinking in the way that we are approaching PlayStation VR.”


This means a number of things. Firstly PSVR could still be priced quite highly, but the fact that Sony is not trying to profit off initial sales means it shouldn’t be unreasonably priced. The second thing to take from this away is that they’re hoping to profit off software sales, this means that if you are an early adopter of PSVR you can expect to receive a lot of support from Sony in the software department. In other words there should be games, and lots of them because that’s how Sony plans to make their money.

We still don’t know exactly when PlayStation VR will be released or how much it will cost, but if we were betting men here in the Cabin we’d hazard a guess at it being released sometime between February and June 2016 costing at the most $250. However $250 is still pushing it so hopefully it will come with a game or some software demos at around the $200 mark.


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