Sony Sells 29.3 Millions PS4 Consoles [Updated: Ships*]

Bloody hell, would you have imagined that? Sony has manged to flog an impressive 29.3 million PS4 consoles around the world since it released. What’s even more impressive is that the data released by Sony today as part of its quarterly financial results brief is that the sales figures stated are from before the price cuts announced for the UK, North America, Asia, and Japan.

That said, with the PS4 now being sold at a much lower price than it was a couple of years ago, and with retailers throwing together some impressive bundles, we can expect to see even more PS4’s sold over the next quarter.

Obviously this doesn’t really matter to your average Joe who just likes to get his game on, but for industry analysts this will be some meat for them to chew over. Us? Couldn’t care less; we just want more games for every console we play. Bring em’ on.

[Update: When we say ‘sells’ we should actually say ‘ships’. For a more in-depth analysis by brains bigger than ours, go forth and check out this detailed post about Sony’s fiscal things… And stuff…]