Sony Wants You to Test the Next PS4 Updates via a Beta

Sony has opened the floodgates and is accepting applications for beta testers for the new PS4 update that’s coming soon. The platform holder has announced that those who don’t mind testing out the latest PS4 update can do so by applying via the very short and sweet application form here.

It’s not the first time that Sony has asked its customers to test its latest updates, and we doubt it’ll be the last. If you’re a tad worried that the beta update might fry your consoles, don’t worry because you’ve always got the option to go back to the previous version and play like every other schmuck.

We’ve no idea what the new update entails, but we know that the beta will begin in early March. If you want to get involved then you should go through here and apply because spaces are limited. If you’re successful then you’ll get an email from Sony telling you that you’re one of the few lucky souls.

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