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Sony Will Compensate Customers After PSN Outage

Yesterday was a bit of a hard day for PlayStation users around the world. The online service that allows for online play, digital purchases, and video and game rentals went balls up for around 12 hours. The PSN went down and while Sony was slow to respond to complaints, it did eventually acknowledge the problems.

Today, the PSN is back up and running as normal, but it’s still left a sour taste in the mouths of many, especially as today is the day of the monthly freebies; many were worried they wouldn’t be able to download their PS Plus freebies right away.

Sony has since stated on Twitter that players who were affected by the outage will be compensated accordingly for the downtime. That means PS Plus, PS Now, and video rental users will likely receive an extra day or two on their subscription package. While it’s not a major thing, we still appreciate Sony making the gesture, and we’re sure others will, too.

There’s no word on how or when customers will be compensated, though we expect to hear more soon.

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