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Sony’s Kaz Hirai Showers Praise on PlayStation 4 Sales and Success While Acknowledging His Legend as Parody

During Sony Computer Entertainment’s CES conference today in Las Vegas, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai spoke on the success of the PlayStation 4 video game system and what it means for the company.

Speaking candidly to the crowd (who weren’t too receptive of his naff jokes), Kaz expressed his delight at the successful sales numbers of the PS4 through the holiday season that’s just passed. It wasn’t just the PlayStation brand that Kaz spoke of, but Sony electronics in general, though the PlayStation area of the business was talked up a fair bit. The likable executive stated that PlayStation was a platform for creative expression and that it’s benchmark for the company in terms of design and such. Basically, he did his job as the head of the company and told a crowd of people that his console was the best thing ever.

In all honesty, it was all a bit boring, but there was a good bit of fun injected for the fans. Many in the crowd didn’t notice the cheeky little references in the slideshow behind Kaz, but most of our readers will recognise the parody account referenced below. Check out the images down below that played over Kaz’s opening speech. Notice the popular parody account tweets?

Image credit: Twitter (@wario64)
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Image credit: Twitter (@wario64)

Tee hee. Fair play, Kaz. Fair play.

[Update: The parody account in question has actually responded in kind with a funny tweet.]

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  1. Sony thoroughly deserve the huge sales success they have. The PS4 is the best console, has the best hardware, has the best graphics, has the best exclusive games and is simply far superior to the Xbox in every single possible measurable way.
    All the real gamers and educated consumers can see that the PS4 is the far superior option this gen for gaming and that fact is reflected in the sales. It’s only the desperate, delusional, Microsoft sheepboys that are still trying to damage control for Microsoft’s failed console at this point.

    1. Look, there’s no need for name-calling. Great, a console is selling well. Fantastic. Sony has got lots of money in the bank. But c’mon, keep it bloody civil. Would you go up to someone in the Xbox section of a game store and call them names to their faces? It’s childish and it’s petty and it’s most certainly not welcome here.

      1. ” Would you go up to someone in the Xbox section of a game store and call them names to their faces?”

        Yes, he most certajnly would. Almost 3 years of him holding the community hostage.

          1. Know him enough that I don’t support that type of behavior in this community. Like I said it’s been years.

    2. You’re funny. Only biased dumb trolls like yourself think this way. Both systems are great. You wouldn’t know this because you don’t own an XB1. The XB1 is outselling the XBox 360 in the same time frame. I wouldn’t call that a failed console. Maybe you’re thinking for the Wii U.

  2. CEO Kaz Hirai parody account is the best. Makes fun of Sony and their blunders without sounding like a begrudging 12 year old, it’s something all of us with gaming history of the past decade and beyond can appreciate.

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