Sony’s New Teaser, “The Reload”.

sony the reload The Reload Teaser Video Released By Sony


Yesterday, Sony released a new trailer teasing… something.  We’ve all seen the original “Michael” trailer, which started Sony’s “Long. Live. Play.” advertisement campaign, and this has the same beginning to it.

You can watch the clip on the Sony Youtube channel, here’s the link;

It’s worth noting that there are a few Playstation brand references.  At about 0:05, you can see in the bottom left corner “Saru! Get you!” which is a reference to their Ape Escape franchise. We can also see a clock like thing in the top right which has the signature Playstation buttons on it. The woman seems to be prepping a Skorpion VZ 82 SMG, which many will recognise from Metal Gear Solid 4.


But, be sure to listen out for the audio cue, the sound when the power “goes out”. It’s the same sound that plays when Cole comes in from InFamous. The Woman at the desk looks up, is almost disappointed to see whoever just walked in, then the teaser cuts us off.

There are numerous possibilities on what this could mean.  The teaser is teasing a bigger trailer, which will come on October 23rd, 2012. It’s worth noting the 23rd  is the day the PS Store will be updated.

Might we be getting an InFamous Vita? InFamous 3 maybe? I bet Cross-Play would be involved if so. Maybe its just a marketing thing for PS All-Stars which, honestly would be a let down, but would make sense as it features Cole McGrath.


For now though, all we can do is speculate. Sound off in the comments on what you think this might mean!


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