Sony’s PSN January Sale is Just Beginning, Part 2 Will Arrive Soon

[Update: Part two of the January Sale is here. You can find all the latest discounts through here.]

A couple of days ago we told you all the deals that would be happening on the UK/EU PSN with Sony’s January Sales. There were over 300 games discounted across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. If you somehow missed out on that critical information, go ahead and have a look at what’s on offer through here.

For those who are aware and have taken the appropriate measures (kicking family off the WiFi; loading up with PSN cards etc) then you’ll be pleased to know that phase two of operation ‘make players skint’ is underway. Sony has been sending emails out to UK and European PlayStation players to inform them of the current batch of games on sale, but the email also states that this is just the first part of the January Sales and that part 2 is coming.

We’ve no idea what games will be included, nor when the discounts will go live, but we’re pretty sure we just heard our lots’ wallets just leg it out of the Cabin’s door. Damn it.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more, so be sure to pop into the lovely warmth of The Games Cabin every now and then.

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