Sony’s Sales of the Playstation 4 Pass 30 Million

The Playstation 4 was only released two years ago and now the sales of the extremely successful console has surpassed that of 30 million.

In March, Sony released a statistic showing that it had sold over 20 million units of the Playstation 4, and now that the holiday season is upon us, that total has risen to 30 million units sold.

In conjunction to the 30 million sales of the Playstation 4, Microsoft announced that its Xbox One was the number one-selling console for October but failed to follow-up this claim with statistics. So, after this release by Sony we now have to wait and see if the gap between the two console giants is closing in or maybe even stretching further apart, we might find out coming to end of  the year as both companies could release some of their final numbers on their yearly sales.

However, this seems unlikely given that Microsoft has recently stated it won’t be putting out any sales figures of the Xbox One.


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