News: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Vision Behind The PS4

PlayStation 4 launchPictures, rumours and discussions about the PS4 have been flying around the gaming blogosphere after its launch on Wednesday. Although the launch brought much excitement to the gaming world, the presentation of the PS4 left many gaming fans apprehensive and even frustrated as there was no disclosure of any physical product, rather our minds have been left to wander.

Yet with the tidbit of information that has been released there is much excitement building within the gaming fan base. In a Guardian interview with Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida he stated:

‘Developers are very far ahead in thinking how they can use different platforms and social network services with console games – we thought yes, that’s what we want to do as well….We wanted to provide these features from the system side so that people only have to download the application once, allowing them to connect their iOS and Android handsets to PS4.’

It seems as though with the launch of the PS4 Sony are taking their focus to a more connectivity based approach in the content available through the PS4. The idea of subscription type packages was discussed by Mr. Yoshida, where like cable TV users, gamers could sign up to certain memberships which allow for different levels of access to PS4 digital content.

It’s all exciting, but one thing that we are all asking is ‘What will it look like?’ From Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida’s statement below it seems as though we can expect something completely different in architectural design to the PS3:

‘Development on PS3 was very hard because of the unique architecture, so we made the decision use a more popular architectures so developers would be able to use the same tools and engines, and make a seamless move to PS4 – that was a big focus.’

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Source: The Guardian

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  1. I don’t see why people are upset that they didn’t get to see the PS4. You’ve seen the most important part, the controller, through which 99.9 percent of all of your interaction will be with. The system itself? I’m going to predict the future: It’s… some sort of box… Perhaps contoured, perhaps not… and it will be black! or white! or grey! with more colors coming in a few years! It’s not about what it looks like, people, it’s about what it does. Look at heavily modded gaming pc’s made to look like the Starship Enterprise. It runs games, the Enterprise part is just superfluous.

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