Sony’s third and latest ad “The Aftermath”.

A new ad has gone up on the official Playstation channel on YouTube today. This time it shows that same woman walking down a hallway which almost resembles a prison, then she see’s a man sweeping bullets in a foyer like area. He then proceeds to pick up a blade, and the ad ends.


If we look at all three ad titles, “The Reload”, “The Arrival”, and now “The Aftermath”, it’s as if a battle happened , as that man was sweeping up bullets.


Most people have agreed on it being just an ad for the upcoming PS All-Stars, the beta of it coming out publicly for PS3 on the day it’s supposed to be revealed.


Characters, items, and references seen in these ads are all linked to characters in PS All Stars, so it would come as a real shocker to most if it wasn’t for Battle Royale.


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