Source of Madness Release Date Announced

Madness, madness, they call it madness
Source of Madness

The cosmic horror roguelite and Steam Early Access success story, Source of Madness, finally has a release date on consoles. The side-scrolling action-RPG is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on 11th May 2022. The Steam version will also be leaving Early Access and update to version 1.0 on the same day.

The game, which sees players battling grotesque celestial beings throughout an ever-changing Lovecraftian world, will launch on consoles for $19.99/£16.99. PC players will be able to purchase the game at its current Early Access price until the 11th May before its price increases to match the other versions.

A major selling point of Source of Madness has been its powerful machine-learning AI that developer Carry Castle has harnessed to create the monstrous abominations and unpredictable, changing world.

“With Source of Madness we wanted to make a roguelite that does more than simply rearrange level layouts and enemy combinations, but rather creates all new unholy beasts to face off against in each playthrough” said Per Fornander, CEO at Carry Castle. He continues “We knew we were opening Pandora’s box by unleashing so many permutations of machine learning AI monstrosities, but thanks to our audience of Early Access players, we were able to ensure that this multi platform launch is as polished as can be.”

Publisher Thunderful revealed the expected performance and resolutions for each version of the game in its latest press release. As expected, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players will be treated to 4K resolution at 60fps, ensuring the monstrosities players face will have the highest level of detail with the smoothest movement.

PS4 and Xbox One players will still be able to experience the game with a smooth 60fps frame rate however the resolution will be bumped down to 1080p to achieve this. Over on the Nintendo Switch the game will run at a targeted 60fps with docked/handheld modes delivering 1080p or 720p resolutions respectively.


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