Spider-Man’s Suit Rumored to be leaked for Captain America: Civil War

Rumors surface as new photos posted by an alleged Russo Brothers account on Twitter which supposedly shows Spidey’s new suit which will debut in the up coming movie Captain America: Civil War. The photos posted have not been officially confirmed yet but, as seen below, they do look like a piece for Spider-Man’s mask. What we do know is that Tom Holland will be playing Peter Parker in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and that Spider-Man has had an outfit designed especially for the debut which Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada said “will blow people away.”

The Twitter account that is claiming to be the Russo Brothers (directors of the new Captain America: Civil War movie) released the images but they have not confirmed that these are in fact legitimate images or even if this account is actually the Russo Brothers. The account itself is followed by some very high ranking Marvel and Disney accounts which could back up the images’ legitimacy. The pictures below look genuine enough, but we’ll let you make your own mind up.



This eyepiece lens in the first image has changed from the standard white to black, which has made for something completely unique. This design choice is very strange which can also be easily agreeable with Doctor Octopus wearing Spider-Man’s outfit in the Superior Spider-Man arc which had the lenses colored black.

Hopefully sometime soon these images can get either a confirmation to a sneak peek of the suit, or a big label stuck on to them saying ‘fake’, but either way we will hopefully find out more about Captain America: Civil War in the coming future.

Captain America: Civil War will be released in theaters May 6th 2017.

Source: Cinemablend 


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