Splatoon 3 Super Sea Snails: How To Get And Use

There are a lot of systems in place when it comes to Splatoon 3. For veteran players, it can be easy to forget the learning curve that new players face, and as such, how confusing the many different items used can be. Splatoon 3 tries its hardest to onboard players in the easiest way possible, but it’s not always smooth sailing.

With so much to remember and get your head around, you may need a little explanation on what certain items do. One particularly rare item is Super Sea Snails, and since you won’t be coming across them on a daily basis, you may be left in the dark as to what their actual function is. Fear not, as we have everything covered on the lucrative item here, including what Super Sea Snails are and how to unlock them in Splatoon 3.

What are Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3?

If you’re going to be playing a lot of Splatoon 3, Super Sea Snails are absolutely something that should be on your radar. The weird little sea creatures are not just ridiculously cute but are actually a unique currency that happen to be extremely valuable.

Once you have some in your inventory, you can take them to Murch in the Splatoon 3 lobby. He can easily be found standing outside the main lobby door and is pretty hard to miss. If you bring the Super Sea Snails to him, he will allow you to use them to purchase sub-ability slots on your pieces of gear, or even add stars to them to improve their potential.

You can also use him to re-roll the third ability on your gear and receive the Ability Chunks earned from doing so. It’s a great way of further tweaking your character or improving your base stats.

Where do you get Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3?

Earning Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3 is understandably not a simple process. You won’t be coming across them frequently, and when they are available, you will have to work for them. In fact, they’re that rare they are only available in the limited-time Splatfest events that run every few weeks.

During this period, three teams will compete against each other and attempt to raise their team’s score for ultimate victory. At the end of the event – which often runs across a weekend – Super Sea Snails will be distributed, with the number one team earning the most. 

It’s crucial that you use these events to give it your all, as it can be incredibly challenging to farm Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3

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