Splitgate: Does it have what it takes?

Multiplayer Battle Royale (BR) games are extremely popular right now. The BR giants: Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, and Warzone all have huge player bases and viewership. A lot of people have become addicted to playing Battle Royale games since they are unpredictable and really fun to play. With the rise of BR games, the recently founded video game studio 1047 Games has released a BR game called “Splitgate”, which combines the gameplay of Halo and Portal. Does “Spligate” have what it takes to challenge the BR giants?

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Splitgate’s early access was released two years ago. And since then the game has seen a staggering increase of new players. According to the Steam database, the game has set a record with a whopping 67,724 concurrent players. It is evident that Splitgate has become widely known with the multiple reports of overloaded servers and lengthy login times. Fortunately, 1047 Games has received a lot of funding from different investors which allowed them to boost their server capacity.

The game is currently in open beta (Season 0) with no specified date on the release of Season 1. Nevertheless, Splitgate still has a lot to offer to its players. It currently has 18 total maps and 11 weapons which vary from futuristic—like the railgun and plasma rifle—and modern-day firearms. While the maps in the game are unique ranging from an open environment and tight spaces which give players legroom to adjust their playstyle accordingly. An array of player and gun skins are also available within the game. Players can obtain these skins by opening drops, which are rewards for finishing missions and levelling up their battle pass.

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In Splitgate, your creativity is the only limit. Veteran gamers will definitely enjoy playing Splitgate since it has captured the gameplay of Halo with the addition of the teleportation mechanic seen in the Portal series. You see enemies running in front of you? No worries, just pop a portal on their back to surprise them with a flank. 1047 Games’ ingenuity differentiates Splitgate from famous games that are played today. If the developers play their cards right, I believe Splitgate definitely has what it takes to challenge the BR giants. 1047 Games should offer something new every time to gain the interest of other players and increase the playerbase, like additional guns and various battle pass skins. 

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