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Sqaure Enix Announce: Final Fantasy XV Playable From ‘Start to Finish’

It seems as if Final Fantasy fans may not have to wait much longer for the next installment in the series. The tumultuous development of Final Fantasy XV (it was announced way back in 2006) has reached a new milestone, revealed in an announcement on the game’s official forum. Square Enix programmer Kitade Satoshi has stated that the game is now playable from beginning to end.

In the full quote, translated from Japanese courtesy of Gematsu, he states:

“We’re at the point where we can play the game in its entirety from start to finish. From this, everyone on the development team can get an overall view on the game.”  

While this doesn’t mean the game is completely finished, it does mean that development is far enough along that the team can start polishing it up. For patient Final Fantasy fans, this news should come as a relief, as it shows that the game is getting closer to seeing the light of day. Although an official date has not yet been set in stone, Final Fantasy XV is expected to release sometime in 2016.

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