Square Balls, Low-Gravity, and More Coming to Rocket League

If round balls and regular physics just don’t make the cut for you in Rocket League these days then it’s time to start celebrating, Psyonix have announced that a free update is coming to the game that will allow you to mod its settings. Don’t like gravity? Turn the pesky bugger off.


According to the PlayStation Blog the idea is to go back the games roots, which were founded in Unreal Tournament mods, and also to recreate some modes from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, (we shan’t be typing that out again). “Cubic” is a good example of a SARPBC mode that can be recreated with the new mods in Rocket League, in that mode the ball was replaced with a cube, oh the fun and antics!

One thing to keeps in mind is these settings are not called mods, they’re called “Mutators,” what a fool you’d look if you were to say mods. There will also be a “Mutator Mashup” which will allow you to play matches, with weird settings, previously set up by the charming developers at Pysonix. You can check out the craziness in the trailer below.

If that’s still not enough information for you then you can check out a live Twitch stream tomorrow right here, which should reveal a lot more information. The stream begins at 9:00PM GMT on the 29th of October. Hopefully we’ll be updated with a release date for the patch soon, but in the meantime it’s nice to know it will be free.