Square Enix Closes Cloud-Based Gaming Company After Bleeding 2 Billion Yen

Can you imagine losing two billion yen? We can’t even fathom the stress we’d go through if we misplaced a fiver, nevermind the economy of Wales. That’s exactly what’s been going on with Square Enix in Japan with its cloud-based video game company, Shinra Technology.

The company announced that it will be closing down Shinra Technologies after failing to acquire funding via third-party investors. It’s not really much of a loss here in the West, as the company isn’t really a big-player in the video-game streaming market, but it’s still shocking to see Square Enix losing so much cash and closing down a subsidiary in the process.

Perhaps they should have started a GoFundMe campaign…


  1. Is this a “cart before the horse” scenario? Shouldn’t they have sought out & confirmed third-party investors before sinking all that money into it?

    The last time they lost a ton of money they ended up merging with Enix. Maybe Konami this time?!

      1. I was thinking more optimistically. Thinking they could resurrect IPs like the Suikoden series. (Currently replaying V – which is my favorite of the bunch – & having a great time!)

        1. Hmm. Doubt it’d happen to be honest. Japanese companies are secretive as hell and even more so when it comes to the competition. I just eant Square Enix to knock out another Sleeping Dogs. Replayed the PS4 version over Xmas – so bloody good!

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