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Dontnod Entertainment Launches Life is Strange Inspired Anti-Bullying Campaign

Life is Strange has become a bit of a phenomenon, and now it’s spawned an anti-bullying campaign, courtesy of developer Dontnod Entertainment teaming up with anti-bullying group Pacer. Fans of the game will likely remember that bullying was a huge central theme of the traumatic time-travelling teen drama, and it sparked some discussion about the topic.

Now, Dontnod Entertainment is encouraging communities to Tweet their stories of overcoming bullying to #EverydayHeroes from January 14th to 19th:


Each Tweet will lead to a donation from Square Enix, Dontnod’s publisher, and will be featured on the Life is Strange websiteGamespot asked if there would be a limit to the number donated, but so far there’s been no response.

Of course, the cynics among you might realise that since Life is Strange season 2 has been unofficially sort of confirmed, this could all be considered a PR stunt, but even if you didn’t like the game, it led to some rather lengthy discussions about bullying. Life is Strange came more or less out of nowhere and had a successful and timely episodic campaign that kept the interest of its community long after the final episode was done. The game was praised for dealing with fairly realistic issues, and for how its supernatural elements allowed for the exploration of choice and consequence of said realistic issues.

While you’re busy Tweeting at Dontnod, don’t forget to check out our Twitter, @TGCGamingNews. Please don’t send us your bullying stories though, we don’t want to give Chris any ideas.

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