Star Wars Battlefront Beta Was the Biggest in EA History With Over 9.5 Million Players

Star Wars Battlefront recently had a beta, you may have heard. In fact, the chances are that you actually took part in the weekend-long stress test that was available to all on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

By all accounts it was a roaring success for EA and DICE as it gave on-the-fence players a chance to see what the game is like in action before committing to pre-ordering or even just setting aside a few pennies to pick it up when it releases. (Not everyone likes pre-orders, you know.)

The beta pulled in a staggering 9.5 million players who played a combined total of 1.6 billion minutes; enough time to watch the original trilogy around 4 million times. Bloody hell… EA also revealed that the father and son duo Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker had spawned almost six million times each and that around 1.3 million rebel scumbags were force choked to death. Lovely…

Surprisingly, EA states that almost 800,000 AT-AT walkers were destroyed during the beta. Really? We never managed to destroy any… There’s a fancy infographic with a few other tidbits of information from the beta over on the Star Wars blog if you’re interested.

Star Wars Battlefront will force its way onto PS4, Xbox One and PC this November 17th.

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