Star Wars Battlefront is Lacking in Players Due to Fallout 4

Since Bethesda released its highly anticipated Fallout 4, PC gamers from around the world have been driving hour after hour into the massive RPG, and it seems that Star Wars Battlefront isn’t getting much love at all.

Many players have been reporting that games have longer than normal wait times for players joining game lobbies, this claim is also backed up by the SWBstats. SWBstats reports that the 24 hour peak for players is only sitting at 33,337 for PC while on PS4 it is 129,456. This is a massive difference between PC and console; PC usually has no problems finding games, especially on a more well-known title such as Star Wars Battlefront.

This player loss on Star Wars Battlefront can be directly related to the amount of players that are currently playing Fallout 4. Steam statistics say that at the current time of writing this article there are 151,425 players in-game on Fallout 4. So, we reckon we’ve found where all those Star Wars Battlefront players have been hiding. Hopefully this doesn’t discourage DICE or EA to withdraw any of their planned DLC’s or updates, though that seems unlikely as there’s still some decent money to be made from the PC player base.