Star Wars Battlefront On PSN Reduced Even Further, Now Less Than £30

It would happen today, wouldn’t it? Your’s truly here only went and bought Star Wars Battlefront for PS4 off the PSN on Christmas Day as a little extra treat, yet today it has been discounted even further. Sod you, Sony and EA, sod you both.

Alright, let’s calm things down a bit. While your humble keyboard jockey may be a wee bit pissed off at paying a few quid more, it’s still good to tell you folks that the game is even cheaper than it’s ever been on the PSN. It’s not a bad game, either, as we pointed out in our Star Wars Battlefront review.

Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition – Was: £43.54 Now £32.99 PS Plus Price: £32.99

Star Wars Battlefront – Was: £36.84 Now: £27 bloody pounds and 99 pence. PS Plus Price: £27 bloody pounds and 99 pence.

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition – Was: £78.74 Now: £74.99 PS Plus Price: £74.99

So there you have it. If you’re looking to get Star Wars Battlefront digitally for your PS4, it’s cheaper now than it has ever been. Lesson learned: There’s always a lower price, and Christmas Day is the worst day to buy games.