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Star Wars Battlefront Pre-Loading is Live on PS4, 4GB Initial Download

Pre-loading for Star Wars Battlefront is live for┬áthose who pre-ordered the digital edition of DICE’s foray into the Star Wars universe. The game isn’t out until November 17th, but it’s good to have the game downloaded and ready to play before release day as it saves you watching a blank screen for hours.

The initial download will set you back 4GB of hard drive space before the rest of the download kicks in and brings the rest of the data onto your console. When all is downloaded you should be sitting on around 23GB of Star Wars gold. Xbox One users will have a slightly lower download of 19GB while PC players will have 27GB of data.

If you didn’t pre-order the digital version of Star Wars Battlefront then you can get the physical edition here.

Star Wars Battlefront is out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this November 17th. May the Force be with you. Nerds.


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