Star Wars Battlefront Steelbook Edition Available via Amazon; More EA Games Getting Steelbooks

A little earlier today we told you how Amazon has scored an exclusive steelbook edition of EA’s Need for Speed. It looks like the online retailer has managed to score a few more steelbook editions of popular EA franchises, including Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA 16, NHL 16, and Madden NHL 16. All of them come with their own special steelbook editions that are only available via Amazon’s website.

We’re not entirely sure why this deal seems to have been struck between EA and Amazon, but it’s good for those who like to get a bit of extra bang for their buck. You can find the steelbook editions of each game in the links below.

Star Wars Battlefront Steelbook Edition

FIFA 16 Steelbook Edition

NHL 16 Steelbook Edition

Madden NFL 16 Steelbook Edition

All of the above are to be made available from November 27th, but you can still pre-order now. Can’t really see many Star Wars fans waiting an extra ten days for a steelbook, though.

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