Star Wars: Battlefront’s Free Upcoming Patch Will Include a New Map and More – Tatooine Here We Come

While hard-core gamers were outraged at Battlefront’s lack of launch-day content casual gamers rejoiced as they finally gained access to a fun pick-up-and-play shooter. Meanwhile, EA defended the game by stating that their goal was to appeal to a casual audience in the first place and they pointed out that there was plenty of post-launch content in the works. Up until now the only post-launch content we’ve actually seen was the Battle of Jakku map back in December, but it looks like that’s finally about to change.

Some poor EA employee over in Brazil has hit the YouTube upload button just a little too early and has accidentally revealed Star Wars: Battlefront’s next batch of content. That content being a free map, some costumes and the ability to play private matches. The map in question will be set on Tatooine, which as we all know is Watto’s home turf, oh and the lesser known Skywalkers also hail from the planet. We have little or no details on the costumes, bar they’ll be for Leia and Luke, and lastly, as mentioned, players will be able set up private matches with their friends so they can ignore the riff raff.

The shrewdest business man in the galaxy. Watto!
The shrewdest business man in the galaxy. Watto!

Unfortunately, EA Brazil’s video was swiftly taken down, so we won’t be able to show it to you, although you’re not missing out on much as it didn’t include any gameplay footage. Whenever EA decides to dish some new details and a release date we’ll be sure to let you know. If you haven’t already read our review of Battlefront you can check it out here, and let us know what you think of the game down in the comments.

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