Star Wars: Battlefront’s New Supremacy Mode Detailed, a Close Supremacy Match “Could Go on Forever”

EA has a firm death grip on the Star Wars franchise for the next ten years, much to the dismay of many. Not us, though, as we’re remaining cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront.

Today, EA has announced a new mode for the upcoming space shooter. The new mode, Supremacy, sees players battle it out over five control points spread over a map. The game mode will feature all available character classes and “almost” every vehicle from the game, so there’s to be lots of mayhem.

The map sizes for the Supremacy game mode will offer the largest that Star Wars: Battlefront has, so there’ll be a good few hunting grounds and plenty of space to take to the skies and such.

“Supremacy is a game mode that will excite fans of the Conquest mode from Battlefield. That said, we’ve made several tweaks to improve the formula. You will always spawn close to the action when you enter Supremacy, so you’ll never feel isolated from the fight. By focusing on one key point at a time, players not playing the objective and camping on a hill somewhere will be a rare sight.”

Yeah, it does sound a little like Battlefront, doesn’t it?

What wasn’t immediately clear in the blog post was how long a game runs for. Each round is 10 minutes long, according to the new post, but game’s don’t necessarily run for that amount of time.

One of the game’s developers took to twitter to explain that every time a control point is taken over by one team, more time is added to the counter and that “a close Supremacy match could go on forever.” Yikes.

Star Wars: Battlefront will release this November 17th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you feel the force is strong with this one, then you can pre-order your copy here.

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