Steal a Digital Copy of The Sly Collection for Just $2.49

The PS3 may be considered a waste of space by some, but if you’ve still got your aging console sat under the telly box then we’ve got a reason for you to turn that bad boy on and clear the dust from its innards.

The Sly Collection is perhaps one of the finest HD collections to grace Sony’s PS3 and it can be yours for the very, very reasonable price of $2.49.

Taking all three PS2 originals and adding a fresh like of paint to proceedings, The Sly Collection is more than worth its original asking price, but if you’re a bit of a cheap-skate or maybe you just overlooked it at the time, then there’s no time like the present. will send you a PSN code via email once you’ve stumped up the two and a half dollars. The code is instantly sent and ready to use so there’s no waiting around, well, unless you count waiting for the game to download.

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