Strange: Amazon France Doesn’t Expect Mass Effect 4 Until 2020

It’s recently been revealed that Mass Effect 4 is indeed a thing, though there’s not much else known about the upcoming game, nevermind its release date.

Some franchises take their time when it comes to sequels, just take a look at Rockstar. Max Payne 3 came out almost a decade after Max Payne 2 and it’s probably going to be another three or four years until we see GTA 6.

That said, we can’t see EA taking that long with Mass Effect 4, but Amazon France doesn’t seem to share our confidence that Mass Effect 4 will release within the next couple of years, in fact, they reckon we won’t be having inter-species sexual relations again until 2020.

Of course this is most likely just a placeholder date, but if it turns out that the online retailer is right, we’ll eat the a PlayStation 4 and wash it down with an Xbox One smoothie. Who knows, we may just crap out the next-generation consoles before Sony and Microsoft…

Mass Effect 4 is currently available to pre-order from Amazon UK, though you might just be waiting a few years to receive your game.

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What do you reckon? Think EA will take their sweet time to bring Mass Effect 4 to the PS4 and Xbox One? Would another five years guarantee the perfect game? Share what’s going on in your brain down in our comment receptacle down below.