Strange: This Sexually Suggestive PS Vita/PS4 Advert Remind You of Anything?

UPDATE 21/11/2014 18:06: Sony has since set the advert to private, but we’ve managed to locate another video featuring the ‘PlayStation Doctor.’ Enjoy!

Wow. Sony’s latest European advert promoting the PS Vita and PS4 Remote Play feature is certainly raunchy. The video, which you can see below, shows an attractive brunette doctor – the PlayStation Doctor – spewing out a barrage of sexually suggestive phrases, only to climax with the revelation that it’s OK to play with yourself anywhere – with the PS Vita.

Remind you of anything? It should. Remember the controversial Xbox 360 advert that used sexual suggestion? Well, if you’ve forgotten we’ve got that for you down below.

A shameless rip-off by Sony or a coincidence? You decide.

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