Strange: Whoops, Amazon China Makes A Massive Error With Xbox One Listing

Oh dear, Microsoft’s faithful followers in China won’t be happy with Amazon’s blunder within the Xbox One listing.

The online retailer has begun selling the Xbox One in China, thanks to the Chinese government’s decision to allow video-game consoles to be sold in the country.

However, the online retailer hasn’t taken the greatest of care with their Xbox One listing.

Check out the listing below and see if you can spot the big no-no.

Xbox One PSP

If your Chinese isn’t up to snuff, then don’t worry we can translate. Or Google can, whatever.

The listing for the Microsoft Xbox One states that the hardware platform for the Xbox One is the ‘Sony PSP’ and that the console is nothing more than a PSP accessory. Ouch.

It’s a rather big blunder on Amazon’s part, maybe they’re trying to convince people that the Xbox One is a part of the PSP family in order to boost sales? It’s more likely that something got lost in translation, in any case, we’ve sent an email to the retailer to notify them of their cock-up.

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