Stranger of Sword City for PS Vita Releasing in North America and Europe Early Next Year

Some great news for PS Vita fans who also love a bit of RPG action: Stranger of Sword City will be getting a western release, as confirmed by publisher NIS America. We actually posted a story on this one not too long ago after a retail listing for the game was spotted online, and it looks like that listing was bang-on with regard to the game’s western release date.

NIS America has announced that Stranger of Sword City will release in North America on March 232nd and March 25th in Europe – exactly as Amazon Germany stated. Spooky, no? No, of course not, it’s just that Amazon Germany doesn’t care for waiting around for NIS America to make its announcements.

The game will be available digitally via the PS Vita’s PSN store, as well as physically via retailers, though we’ve not spotted any pre-orders going live anywhere just yet, but when we do we’ll keep you informed. We’re nice like that.

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