Street Fighter V PS4 Street Date KO’d

It’s becoming a common sight these days for street dates for upcoming games to be broken before release, but it’s still a nice little surprise for those who stumble upon an early copy.

On this occasion, we’re actually those lucky sods who’ve happened across a copy well before its release date, this time with Capcom’s Street Fighter V on PS4. (It’s actually the chap who’s writing this, and he’s pretty happy, though a little confused with writing in the third-person, as per the site’s format…)

Street Fighter V isn’t due to release on PS4 until February 16th, but we’ve now got our copy almost a week ahead of time. Now, we obviously have a pickle to deal with here: do we wait for the official embargo until we post our review (one which we’ve not signed on for) or do we press ahead and give as much information on the game as we can to help inform eager players?

Yep, we’re going with the second one. Look out for plenty of Street Fighter V coverage here on The Games Cabin over the next few days.

Street Fighter V PS4