Strongest Cookies In Cookie Run Kingdom

Overwhelmed by number of Cookies available in Cookie Run Kingdom? Want to know about the strongest ones? We have got you covered.
Cookie Run Kingdom Strongest Characters

With over 89 Cookies available in Cookie Run Kingdom and more set to release with future updates, it is hard to figure out which are the strongest Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. But don’t you worry! That is where our guide comes in handy. We have taken PvE, PvP, general utility, team support, and other factors and prepared a list of the strongest Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom

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Let us check out the strongest Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom

Here are the most potent Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom

The Black Pearl Cookie is the best Ambush-type Cookie in the game. Her skill, Duskgloom’s Sovereign, creates a whirlpool of storms that deals periodic damage over time while dragging enemies’ resistance to interruptions. 

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Here is a better look at the Black Pearl Cookie’s skill and its effects:

  • Lightning DMG – 240.8% (+3.28% per level)
  • Whirlpool – 10 hits over 2.0 sec
  • Single Hit DMG proportional to Max HP (Cookies) – 6.3%
  • Single Hit DMG (Others) – 13.8%
  • Lightning & Whirlpool DMG Reduction Bypass – 40.0%
  • Healing received – -35.0% for 10.0 sec
  • Terror of the Abyss –  ATK SPD -20.0%, MOV SPD -20.0%, ATK -14.5% for 15.0 sec
  • Terror of the Abyss Extra DMG
  • DMG proportional to Max HP (Cookies) – 9.5%
  • DMG (Others) – 13.8%

Being a healer-type Ancient Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie is one of the best, if not the best, Healers available in Cookie Run Kingdom. Her skill, Love and Peace, has a 19 seconds cooldown and has the following effects:

  • Healing – 99.4% of ATK (+1.5% of ATK per level)
  • Shield – Absorbs 20.0% of max HP for 3.0 sec

The Pure Vanilla Cookie is an excellent choice if you want a Healer-type Cookie for the Rear position in your squad. 

Strongest Cookies Cookie Run Kingdom

The Clotted Cream Cookie is the best Magic-type playable unit in Cookie Run Kingdom. He is a Super Rare Cookie whose skill, Consul’s Orders, deals massive AoE damage over time, in 22 waves, while knocking and applying stun on enemies. 

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Here is a more detailed overview of the Clotted Cream Cookie’s skill: 

  • Total Periodic DMG – 308.5% (+4.2% per level), 22 ticks for 1.4 sec
  • DMG – 189.0%
  • Light Cage duration – 4.8 sec
  • Additional damage and effects Light Cage –
  • Cookies – 89.9% DMG relative to Max HP + 20.0% fixed DMG relative to Max HP, Stun for 1.3 sec
  • Other damage and effects –  1.3% DMG relative to Max HP + 146.9% DMG (+1.8~1.9% per level), Stun for 1.3 sec
  • DMG Resist – +17.5% to self for 8.0 sec
Strongest Cookies Cookie Run Kingdom

The Financier Cookie is a Defense-type Cookie you must have in your vanguard. Why? Because of her skill, Paladin Protection. It protects the Clotted Cream Cookie if she is in the team, else protects the Cookie with the highest DPS capability. 

Moreover, her skill also deals significant AoE damage, heals herself and the Cookie she is protecting, and provides a boost to the following stats:

  • ATK
  • DMG
  • CRIT Resist

On top of all that, she grants a Light Shield that will protect allies from incoming attacks. 

That is a lot, considering the Financier Cookie falls only under Epic rarity. To better understand the extent of her skill, here is a detailed stats:

  • Single hit DMG – 221.7% (+2.88% DMG per level)
  • Paladin’s Protection Effects
  • Healing – 43.5% of ATK (+0.6% of ATK per level), 65.3% of ATK if the target is Clotted Cream Cookie (+0.89% of ATK per level)
  • DMG Resist – +20.0% for 15.0 sec
  • CRIT Resist – +20.0% for 15.0 sec
  • ATK Boost – +14.7% for 15.0 sec
  • Light’s Shield – 12.7% of the Cookie’s Max HP for 5.0 sec
  • Light’s Judgement – Fixed DMG of 50.0% DMG received by Light’s Shield.
Strongest Cookies Cookie Run Kingdom

The Dark Cacao Cookie is yet another Ancient Cookie on this list, but with Charge-type. His skill, Sword of Darkness, inflicts a chain of lightning upon enemies that deal massive damage.

On the same note, the skill also debuffs different attributes of enemies, like max HP reduction, lowered defense, and so on. But there is a caveat to it. The Dark Cacao Cookie gets a 20% DEF debuff in exchange for all those combat benefits. 

Want to know the exact percentage of damage Dark Cacao Cookie deals? Well! Here you have it:

  • Damage dealt – 247.0% (+1.9-2% DMG per level)
  • -20.0% DEF for 7.0 sec

Here are some other Cookies that deserve to be called “the strongest” based on their skill, utility, and other aspects. 

  • Cotton Cookie
  • Eclair Cookie
  • Sea Fairy Cookie
  • WildBerry Cookie

That is it. That concludes our guide on the strongest Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

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