Stunning New Uncharted 4 Story Trailer

As anticipation for Nathan Drake’s final escapade reaches fever pitch, Naughty Dog has released one more story trailer for Uncharted 4 that is just as epic as you would expect. What looks to be a truly breathtaking game, the trailer is equal part action, adventure and drama, as the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been for Nate.

Fair warning though, plenty of new details are revealed in the trailer and those who are resolute in going into the adventure as fresh as possible may wish to opt out of watching it. That being said, if you need anymore convincing as to getting the game fire this bad boy up:

Uncharted 4 releases exclusively for the PS4 on 26th April in North America, 27th April in Europe and Australia and the 29th April in UK and Ireland. If you’re looking to pre-order, remember Amazon is currently running a 20% discount on new games for Prime subscribers including Uncharted 4, which is the cheapest offer we’ve seen for the game so far.