Sunday Shopping: Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle Deal, Cheap Games and Other Goodies

Sunday Shopping is a slightly brand new feature from your favourite (or last-resort…) video game news website, The Games Cabin. We’ll spend a few hours each Sunday finding some deals to help out our readers. It’s only the second edition but we’re pleased to say it’s going quite well, so here’s to many more!

This week’s Sunday Shopping has come up a trump. There’s deals on Xbox One consoles, PC games for pennies and more. First up is the Xbox One Quantum Break bundle over on The online retailer is running a decent little promo where you get $50 off almost every Xbox One console on the site. Our special choice today is the Xbox One (500GB) Special Edition Quantum Break With Alan Wake bundle for $299.99. It’s not a bad deal and it means you get a fancy looking Xbox One for a decent price. If you’ve yet to upgrade to a next-gen console, we can’t really fault this one.

That’s just for North America, mind, but it’s not all bad news for our readers who live under the leadership of David “I Hate Cripples” Cameron. For UK gamers looking for an Xbox One on the cheap we’ve got a couple of options. Firstly there’s the Xbox One FIFA bundle from Smyth’s Toy Store for £229.99. If you’re not looking for an Xbox One but you are looking for a PS4, we’ve also found a decent bundle where you get a 1TB PS4 with Call of Duty: Black Ops III (which is pretty good, review here) for £299.99.

If you’re not looking to buy a console but you are looking to get some games on the cheap, especially on PC, then head down to your local GAME store. The UK high street video game specialist is flogging much of its PC games for pennies – literally. We’ve seen and heard of people getting the likes of Mortal Kombat X for 99p and we’ve even seen proof that Destiny: The Taken King is being sold for as low as £1 for the PS4/Xbox One. It’s crazy and it might not be in every store, but we’ve done our work and found that stores in north Wales, south Wales, Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Manchester are all carrying cheap stock, so it’s worth a look if you’re out and about.

That just about covers the goodies we’ve found this Sunday, but are there any mega deals we’ve missed? Know a bundle we should know about? How about an insanely cheap game offer? Give us a shout down in the comments below!

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