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Super Mario Bros. Theme Tune is Blaring from City Hall in Oslo, Norway

Here’s a weird one: Oslo City Hall in Norway is doing away with the boring chimes on the hour, and is instead replacing them with popular music by well known musicians, one of which is Koji Konodo. What, you don’t know who Koji Konodo is? Shame on you…

Koji Konodo wrote the theme tune to Super Mario Bros., a theme tune that we’ve all heard at point in our lives. The theme tune has been replicated across just about every medium there is – even the harmonica. That very same medley has now been played to the residents of the Norwegian city of Oslo. That’s not the only tune though, as there are a bunch of other songs being chimed out on the hour, most notably to our readers, Minecraft’s tune.

There’s a short clip down below of the Super Mario Bros. theme being played by the bells. If you just so happen to be in Oslo at around 7am, you could go and see it for yourself. Wouldn’t bother making a day trip of it, though…

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