Shockingly, You Can Actually Shoot People in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s First Hour

Mass Effect 4 is on the horizon and with its impending launch (still no release date yet) come tiny bits of information from the developers, most of them being absolutely pointless to write about.

Well, would you believe that Mass Effect: Andromeda allows you to shoot people in the face? No? Really? Ok… One of the main attractions to the game is that you can shoot all sorts of funny looking weirdos in the face. According to one of Bioware’s developers, you can shoot people in the face within the first hour of the game. Shocking? No, not in the slightest. Every Mass Effect game has had you shooting people in the face within the first hour. Hell, every shooter has you bury some lead into the faces of the enemy within the first ten minutes or less, never mind the first hour.

So yeah, you can shoot people in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Big bloody surprise… Move along, folks.

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