Swordship Sets Sail in September

This’ll float your boat

Unique “dodge ‘em up” game Swordship will be splashing down on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC platforms in September. The game’s publisher, Thunderful, has revealed the release month in a new trailer that you can spy down below.

Swordship take place in a world where humans have ignored global warming to the point that the rising water levels have forced the majority of survivors to live in one of three gigantic underwater cities. Players take on the role of a smuggler, capturing and running goods out on the water’s surface. Speed is paramount and weapons to defend your cargo have been forgone to increase ship speed. Movement speed and being agile enough to turn the attacks of enemies against themselves is the only way to survive.

The narrative also informs the Swordship’s gameplay loop. By removing the ability to shoot, players will have to adapt to the intense dodging game, ensuring they are well placed to avoid damage and tricking their attackers into taking each other out before their Wipeout-esque craft is destroyed.

The new trailer highlights the importance of the dodging mechanic as ship after ship is wrecked and left to the great blue abyss. We’re also given a glance at how we can defend ourselves with a look at several unlockable powers and upgrades that can boost the chances of survival.

“We’ve been thrilled by the positive response we’ve had to Swordship since we first unveiled it last year,” said Game Designer at developer Digital Kingdom, Sandro Dall’Aglio. “People really seemed to have grasped the intriguing gameplay potentials our unique “dodge’em up” hook
offers right off the bat! I can’t wait for everyone to finally be able to play the game when it launches on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC this September.”

Swordship, along with games like the crazy dodgeball adventure Stikbold, may slowly be ushering in the “dodge ‘em up” genre and from the looks of the frenetic trailer, I’m ready to jump aboard and start dodging.


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