Sylmael Bloodstone – Lost Ark Database

Sylmael Bloodstone

Max stack count: 999

Binds when obtained
Cannot be dismantled

An item obtained from a Siege. Use this item to exchange for other valuable goods.

Where to get Sylmael Bloodstone in Lost Ark

You can get Sylmael Bloodstones from completing many weekly tasks for your weekly quests. Be sure to complete all of your weeklies if you want to maximize your income of this item.

Used to Purchase:

Destruction Stone Fragment120Weekly Limit 12Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
Divine Healing Potion8NoneTiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
Guardian Stone Fragment40Weekly Limit 30Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
Harmony Leap Stone (Bound)150Weekly Limit 8Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
Harmony Shard Pouch (S)80Weekly Limit 5Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
North Vern Entrance Ticket Chest710Weekly Limit 1Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
Protection Healing Potion13NoneTiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
Rohendel Entrance Ticket Chest990Weekly Limit 1Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
Siege Silver Chest (S)60Weekly Limit 6Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril
Star’s Breath (Bound)370Weekly Limit 5Tiella, Anais, Le’verille, Avril