How To Get Sylveon in Pokemon GO

sylveon pokemon go how to get sylveon in pokemon go

In Pokemon GO, Sylveon is one of the best Eeveelutions you can have. Although it can be caught in the wild, the sixth-gen Fairy type is fairly rare to encounter. Therefore, this Pokemon will be easier to add to your Pokedex through a couple of alternative methods available. Here is how to get Sylveon in Pokemon GO.

Sylveon Pokemon GO – Nickname Your Eevee

sylveon pokemon go eevee nickname kira

The simplest way to get Sylveon in Pokemon GO is the one-time method of changing an Eevee’s nickname to “Kira”. As long as Sylveon’s silhouette appears next to the Evolve option, feel free to spend the neccessary 25 Eevee Candies and meet your new Sylveon.

Sylveon Pokemon GO – Earn Buddy Hearts

This method is a great alternative if you’ve already gotten a Sylveon using the nickname method, or if you happen to already have an Eevee you’ve got selected as your Buddy. All you need to do is have your Buddy Eevee earn 70 hearts in total. Do so, and the Sylveon silhouette should too appear next to evolve option on your Eevee. It’s a more time-consuming method, but can easily be completed over time through walking, feeding, and using your Eevee in battle.

That’s everything on our Sylveon Pokemon GO guide! Learn more on how to become Best Buddies with your Pokemon in Pokemon GO to earn Buddy Hearts as fast as possible. Want to be the very best? Then, brush up on the best Ultra League Pokemon. If something new to play entirely is what you’re after, take a gander at the 5 best games like Pokemon.

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