System Shock 3 Teased by Developers OtherSide Entertainment

System Shock and its sequel, System Shock 2, are considered classics by the gaming community. The pair of cyberpunk action RPG thrillers is credited as the inspiration for of one of the best game series of the modern gaming era – Bioshock. With the recent release of System Shock: Enhanced Edition – a remaster of the original with improved resolution and modern PC stability fixes – fans have been aching for more. It seems now that developer OtherSide Entertainment is ready to deliver.

In a rather empty teaser page that simply shows the words “System Shock 3” and contains a sign-up form, OtherSide has subtly announced that it’s working on a new game in the series. There is no further news available at the moment, but we’re excited to see what this new entry has to offer.

OtherSide is a relatively new developer that has worked on a few projects to bring older games back to life. We’re excited to see what the team can do with a completely new project in the cyberpunk world. The studio is a part of a larger group, Night Dive Studios, that recently acquired the System Shock IP and produced the aforementioned Enhanced Edition remaster.

Check out the teaser page in the source below, and stick with The Games Cabin as we bring you more information on System Shock 3.

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