Temtem: All Starters And Evolutions

The Temtem starters and their evolutions
Images via Humble Games

Temtem starters and evolutions are officially available for a wide array of trainers as the game has come out of beta for its full launch. Just like the Pokémon games that inspired it, Temtem lets players choose one of three creatures to take with them at the very beginning of their journey. Here’s everything to know about the Temtem starters offered by Prof. Konstantinos and their evolutions.

Temtem Starters And Evolutions: Crystle

Temtem starter Crystle

As its name suggests, Crystle is a Crystal-type Temtem that boasts a high Defense stat. When the player obtains it at level 5, Crystle knows the same-type attack-bonus move Glass Blade. It also has the Crystal-type status move Mirror Shell and the Neutral-type physical attack Nibble.

Crystle’s First Trait is Amphibian, which raises its Special Defense by one stage and its Attack by two stages after it is hit by a Water-type technique. At level 30, Crystle evolves into Sherald. Then, at level 51, Sherald evolves into Tortenite.

Temtem Starters And Evolutions: Smazee

Temtem starter Smazee

The next starter Temtem is the Melee-type Smazee. This monkey-like monster knows two techniques at level 5: the physical Neutral-type Kick and the special Melee-type Martial Strike. Of course, considering its high Attack stat, trainers will certainly want to prioritize physical STAB attacks in its moveset.

Smazee’s First Trait is its signature Fever Rush. This ability causes its Attack to increase by two stages when it is inflicted with any status condition besides Alerted. Smazee evolves into Baboong at level 29, then into Seismunch at level 52.

Temtem Starters And Evolutions: Houchic

Temtem starter Houchic

The last of the three main Temtem starters is the Mental-type Houchic. Houchic boasts a high Special Attack stat, making it the benefactor of special moves. At level 5, Houchic knows the special Mental-type Psy Wave, the status Mental-type Hypnosis, and the physical Neutral-type Kick.

Thanks to its First Trait, Mental Alliance, Houchic will receive a 15% Special Attack boost when it is paired with a Mental-type ally in battle. Players can expect their Houchic to evolve into Tental at level 29 and Nagaise at level 53.

Gift Temtem: Tuwai

Tuwai in Temtem

While not formally one of the main Temtem starters or evolutions, Tuwai is also granted to players as a gift Temtem in their hometown. This Wind-type can evolve into a whopping six different Temtem, depending on which location the player takes it to during their Temtem cross platform journey.

Here are the different Tuwai evolutions and how to obtain them:

  • Wind/Water-type Tukai (bring Tuwai to the Water Shrine at Dabmis’ Rest)
  • Wind/Fire-type Tulcan (bring Tuwai to the Fire Shrine at the Altar of the Inner Flame)
  • Wind/Crystal-type Tuvine (bring Tuwai to the Crystal Shrine at the Sons of Crystal)
  • Wind/Earth-type Turoc (bring Tuwai to the Earth Shrine at Aisha’s Hearth)
  • Wind/Digital-type Tuwire (bring Tuwai to the Digital Shrine at the Digital Kami Shrine)
  • Wind/Melee-type Tutsu (bring Tuwai to the Melee Shrine at Chieftain’s Barrow)

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