Temtem: How To Unlock EXP Share

Location of the Temtem EXP Share equivalent, the Coward's Cloak
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The Temtem EXP Share is an item that veterans of the Pokémon series will undoubtedly be looking for in Crema’s creature-catching MMORPG. Fortunately, this game does feature a comparable item that tamers can use on their journey to master the Temtem type chart. Here’s everything players need to know about the Temtem EXP Share equivalent.

What Is The Temtem EXP Share?

Temtem Coward's Cloak description

Crema’s version of the EXP Share in Temtem is a gear item known as the Coward’s Cloak. Like in Pokémon, this is an item that a trainer can equip on their Temtem in order to help it level up without actually battling. A Temtem that holds the Coward’s Cloak will gain experience and training values from every battle regardless of whether it actually participated in the fight.

Notably, the experience gained from the Coward’s Cloak does not stack with the experience gained from actually battling. As a result, this item is best reserved for a low-level Temtem that the tamer wants to keep in their party but has no intention of using in battle.

Temtem EXP Share: How To Unlock

Temtem Surfboard description

In order to find this special experience distribution item, players must first defeat Sophia at the Arissola Dojo. Afterward, they will obtain the Surfboard key item, which will enable them to ride across water. Then, they must make their way to the Sillaro River.

Players can access the Sillaro River via the Windward Fort. Shortly after exiting onto the western portion of the Sillaro River, players will see a small island with an item box on it. The player can surf around to the shore of the island, then interact with the item box in order to receive the Coward’s Cloak.

From there, tamers can equip this item and use Temtem’s take on the EXP Share for themselves. This will allow trainers to passively level up Temtem without dedicating a significant amount of time to grinding.

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