Temtem Missing Kids: Where To Find Yusuf And Roger

The Decoy you receive for completing the Temtem missing kids challenge
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The Temtem missing kids challenge is one of the earliest sidequests that players can try to take on in this creature-catching adventure. However, it can also be one of the trickiest, since players might not be able to complete it in as linear a fashion as they might hope. If you’re still struggling to find Yusuf and Roger, then check out the rest of this Temtem missing kids guide.

Temtem Missing Kids: Receiving The Mission

Headmistress Dolca gives the player the Temtem missing kids sidequest.

In order to take on the Temtem missing kids mission, players must first head to the Accademia building in the game’s second town, Briçal de Mar. On the top floor, players can find Headmistress Dolça in the room on the left.

When the player interacts with Dolça, she tells them that two of their classmates, Yusuf and Roger, have been skipping classes and that she is starting to get worried about them. If the player then accepts her request to go looking for them, it will appear as a side quest on the side of the screen.

Temtem Missing Kids: Where To Find Yusuf And Roger

The player rides a Surfboard in Temtem

Although Yusuf and Roger are hiding in Briçal de Mar, players won’t actually be able to get to them right away. First, the player will need to obtain the Surfboard, a key item that lets them ride across the water. To get the Surfboard, players will need to head north to Arissola and beat Sophia at her Dojo.

Afterwards, players can return to Briçal de Mar and go toward the body of water on the western side of the city. After surfing across a small stretch of water, the player will find Yusuf and Roger playing hooky on an isolated beach.

Then, the player simply needs to return to the Accademia and talk to Dolça again about what they have found. For completing the mission, Dolça will reward the player with a Decoy that will make it easier to escape from a Pokémon-esque random encounter.

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