Temtem: How To Redeem Codes

Redeeming codes will give you rewards in Temtem. Here’s how to do it.
Temtem Redeem Codes
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If you’re wondering how to redeem codes in Temtem, keep reading our handy guide. Adorable RPG Temtem enables the ability to redeem codes for the game. You can find them online through the developer themselves or its partners. When you do find a code then, here’s how to redee, them in Temtem.

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Temtem: Where To Redeem Codes

Temtem Redeem Codes
Screenshot by GGRecon

If you’re able to find any Temtem codes online through the developer, publisher, or otherwise, you’ll first want to pause the game. You can do so in the game or at the main menu; it doesn’t matter. It is easier to redeem codes at the latter, however.

On the main menu, you can find “Redeem” under the “Settings” option. Once you click that, a box will pop up on the screen. Type in the code (or copy and paste it with CTRL + V on PC) to redeem your reward. The code we have included in the picture is not real by the way.

Currently, there are no active codes at the time of writing, but with this feature being on the main menu, we can see the game Temtem utilizing them for special promotions in the future.

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Temtem: Where To Look For Codes

A regular and luma Pocus in battle in Temtem.

Beware of some of the websites supposedly offering codes to Temtem players. While Googling this topic for research, it popped up with many fake codes that are too short for the game to even attempt to redeem. Click on recognizable sites like us, Gfinity, and Pocket Tactics, which are all reporting there are no codes available at this time.

You should also check Temtem‘s official channels for codes as well like the developer Crema’s Twitter page and the one for the game.

While there aren’t any codes to find in Temtem, keep in mind that you can trade with players around the world, no matter the system they’re playing the game on. There are also over 150 Temtem to find in the game. Keep an eye on the best of each type here.