Temtem Type Chart: All Types And Match-Ups

A red ring indicates an unfavorable match-up in the Temtem type chart.
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The Temtem type chart is important to memorize for any tamer looking to master the latest creature-catching game. While many types in this game are similar to those in Pokémon, the type match-ups don’t always correspond to what players might expect. So, for anyone looking to improve their chances in battle, here’s everything to know about the Temtem type chart.

Temtem Type Chart

Temtem type chart

Overall, there are 12 unique types in the Temtem type chart. Each type has between one and three weaknesses while resisting damage from between zero and four types. In addition, Temtem can have two types, which can occasionally cancel out or exacerbate each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

Unlike in Pokémon, none of the types in Temtem have any immunities. As a result, players never have to worry about an enemy Temtem being completely untouchable with any of their attacks. Here’s an overview of all of the types in Temtem and what their strengths and weaknesses are:

  • Neutral
    • Offense – no super effective match-ups, not very effective against Mental
    • Defense – no resistances, weak to Mental
  • Wind
    • Offense – super effective against Toxic, not very effective against Wind and Electric
    • Defense – resists Earth and Wind, weak to Electric
  • Earth
    • Offense – super effective against Fire, Electric, and Crystal; not very effective against Wind, Water, and Nature
    • Defense – resists Fire, Electric, Crystal, and Toxic; weak to Water, Nature, and Melee
  • Water
    • Offense – super effective against Earth, Fire, and Digital; not very effective against Water, Nature, and Toxic
    • Defense – resists Earth, Water, and Fire; weak to Nature, Electric, and Toxic
  • Fire
    • Offense – super effective against Nature and Crystal; not very effective against Earth, Water, and Fire
    • Defense – resists Fire, Nature, and Crystal; weak to Earth and Water
  • Nature
    • Offense – super effective against Earth and Water; not very effective against Fire, Nature, and Toxic
    • Defense – resists Earth, Water, Nature, and Electric; weak to Fire and Toxic
  • Electric
    • Offense – super effective against Wind, Water, Mental, and Digital; not very effective against Earth, Nature, Electric, and Crystal
    • Defense – resists Wind and Electric, weak to Earth and Crystal
  • Mental
    • Offense – super effective against Neutral and Melee, not very effective against Crystal
    • Defense – resists Neutral and Melee; weak to Electric, Digital, and Crystal
  • Digital
    • Offense – super effective against Mental, Digital, and Melee; no match-ups that are not very effective
    • Defense – resists Toxic; weak to Water, Electric, and Digital
  • Melee
    • Offense – super effective against Earth and Crystal, not very effective against Mental and Melee
    • Defense – resists Melee, weak to Mental and Digital
  • Crystal
    • Offense – super effective against Electric and Mental, not very effective against Earth and Fire
    • Defense – resists Electric, Mental, and Toxic; weak to Earth, Fire, and Melee
  • Toxic
    • Offense – super effective against Water and Nature; not very effective against Earth, Digital, Crystal, and Toxic
    • Defense – resists Water, Nature, and Toxic; weak to Wind

How To Check Match-Ups In Battle

A green ring indicates a favorable match-up

Fortunately for players who haven’t memorized the Temtem type chart, there is a way to check the type match-ups mid-battle. When selecting the target of a move, a ring can appear around the enemy Temtem that indicates how the incoming attack will affect them.

A light green ring indicates that the selected move is super effective against the targeted Temtem, while a red arrow means that the move is not very effective. If the chosen move would deal regular damage, then the ring will simply be white.

However, players should keep in mind that this coloured ring will only appear if the player has fought the targeted species of Temtem before. As a result, tamers may need to rely on trial and error the first time they battle a new Temtem.

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