Temtem: Where To Find The Coward’s Cloak

The Coward’s Cloak will significantly decrease your grinding time in Temtem.
Temtem Coward's Cloak
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If you’re playing Temtem, then you might be looking for where to find the Coward’s Cloak. In the beautiful world that Temtem is based in, you’ll discover that many tough battles await you and your team of monsters. Its cute exterior doesn’t show the more difficult side. To help with that struggle, the Coward’s Cloak is an excellent early-game item you can grab in Temtem. Here’s where to find it in the game and its use.

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What Does The Coward’s Cloak in Temtem Offer?

Temtem Coward's Cloak Equip

Temtem is all about exploring the world and grinding experience for your team of caught monsters. Usually, only the active Temtem in each battle can level up their meter. However, the Coward’s Cloak changes all of that. Equip the item to a Temtem in your party, and they’ll gain experience in the battle, no matter if they’re active or stand on the sidelines. This is fantastic for levelling up lower level Temtem you want to see get stronger.

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Temtem Coward’s Cloak Location

Temtem Coward's Cloak Location

You can find the Coward’s Cloak after defeating Sophia at the Arissola gym. She’ll reward your win with a new surfboard that you can use to ride on the water. This is essential in gaining the Coward’s Cloak in Temtem.

Before leaving, make sure you’re well prepared. Get as many revives and balms as you can as you’ll be facing four consecutive battles on this route and perhaps more. Also reference the different types and their weaknesses before setting off.

You’ll find this special item nearby Windward Fort, which is north of Arissola, past the Gifted Bridges. Work your way through the cavernous Windward Fort until you see a pool of water. Once you’re in the presence of the element, go on your surfboard and travel to the western exit. Once you get out of the cave, you’ll see a spiral maze-like landmark just west of your location. Start working your way through it and fight whoever stands in your way, maybe even with a friend from another system in crossplay co-op.

Temtem Coward's Cloak Chest

After working your way through the spiral, you’ll land on a beach with some villainous Team Rocket-like grunts for Lady Lottie that are in your way. Take their Temtem out and then open the box at the north section of the beach. You’ll find the Coward’s Cloak inside.