Temtem: Where To Find The Missing Pendant (Gone With The Sillaro Guide)

Finding a missing pendant in Temtem is actually quite hard to find. Here’s the exact location for Clara’s.
Temtem Missing Pendant

One of the first quests in Temtem is to find a missing pendant for a woman named Clara. Here’s where to find her and then the missing pendant for the Gone With the Sillaro quest. You’ll be rewarded with a worthwhile item, especially for the early game segments of Temtem. Here’s where to find the Missing Pendant in Temtem.

Where to Start The Gone With The Sillaro Quest

Gone With The Sillaro Temtem

To begin the Gone With The Sillaro quest, you’ll need to work your way back to the first town in Temtem, Zadar. To the right of the main buildings and on a beach, you’ll find Clara. She has blonde hair and a green dress with a yellow flower pattern on it. She’ll say she’s lost her pendant in the water. After talking to her, you can now begin the Gone With The Sillaro mission.

Temtem Missing Pendant Location

Temtem Missing Pendent Location

You’ll find the missing pendant down the stream and nearby the second town of Temtem Brical de Mar. You’ll need to gain a surfboard to get to the area we require to enter, which can be unlocked after finishing the story quest First Steps.

Once you’ve arrived in Brical de Mar, go to the water and ride the surfboard east. There’s a small, vertical bit of land next to the mountainous area to your right. Land in this area. Go to the first third of the island and look for a set of red and green bushes next to each other. Above that is a small sand-coloured box, popping out from the surface.

Temtem Clara Pendent Location

You’ll see something sparkling next to it. Press the action button on your controller or mouse and then your character will kick around the area. You’ll pick up the missing pendant shortly afterwards.

Temtem Gone With The Sillaro Reward

Temtem Tsunami

Now, return back to Clara with the missing pendant. The easiest way is to ride down the river with your surfboard all the way. You’ll come across a few battles, but your Temtem need experience, right?

Once you’ve found Clara and given her the missing pendant, she’ll give you TC001: Tsunami, a move that can be used in battle. It’s a water-based move that can damage the whole team, not just one opposing Temtem.

To equip it, pause the game and go to your backpack. Once there, change the tab to “Courses.” It’s one of the last symbols on the menu. You can then equip it with a compatible Temtem like Umishi. TC001: Tsunami works similar to an HM in Pokemon. You can use it as many times as you’d like. You might want to use it on top-tier Temtem or bred Temtem.

If you need help finding the missing kids in Temtem Yusuf and Roger, we can also help you out with that quest in particular.

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