TFT Champion Tier List: A Tier

A tier list for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics!
A tier

Greetings summoners,

After the B tier of our TFT Champion Tier list, we are moving one step forward and coming for you today is TFT Champion Tier list:  Tier A.


The Tier Lists are going to show you what champions and traits are meta in the newest patch 12.6 that came out earlier this week. This tier list will help you find out what TFT champions should you play and abuse and what champions you should stay clear off.

Bear in mind that with every patch, that usually comes out each week, there will be some changes in the meta since Riot Games are trying to create a perfect balance among the champions and traits in the game. So expect this to change every week. We are going to star with the weakest champions that belong to the B tier and move up! We are going to do the same with traits too! Champions are not graded by their cost, since it is only logical that the more expensive champions will be stronger than those that cost fewer, but rather by their cost-worth ratio and by the impact on the game itself!


tier a 1
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What do you think TFT be like without his presence? The rocket grab is an iconic part of nearly 60 percent of TFT sets. While the robot’s rusty appearance does not cause a lot of damage, his rocket grab can sometimes do, when upgraded with the best ap items and being maxed out to the level three. It can also single-shot targets that are squishy, but it is only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ll stick with the fact that he’s an extremely useful unit that can be utilized by any game, even if it doesn’t match your currently-used traits. Two traits are preferred by Blitz when it comes to traits. They are The Scrap and The Bodyguard traits that Blitz is very well with.

It is crucial to know the mechanism behind Blitz’s rocket grab. The Blitz will grab any champion located in the back-end of the map, and he will pull the champ from the very corner of the map. He will select the closest Hex Champion if there’s not any champions in the area. Blitz was greatly nerfed after patch 6.5. He could pull an opponent across the field , not only in corners, but the one that was standing across him on any place of the map. This was a huge benefit for any player playing Blitz at the time. He could simply observe his adversaries until the very final second prior to a fight and then switch his Blitz and put him in the hexagon he wants. Then he would grab the opponent’s champion and basically wipe it out from  the game.

Blitz is nor front liner nor backliner, but somewhere in the middle of the field, both literally and figuratively speaking. He is a utility-only champion, and his only job is to pull one champion and knock him in the air. After that, his mission is complete, and if he doesn’t die instantly, anything beyond that is a bonus!

I usually don’t equip Blitz with items, but if you would like him to have a chance to pull the opponent twice, then you should go for The Blue Buff, The Spear of Shojin, The Titan’s Resolve.

His position should be in the first or the second row directly across the corner you want to pull the enemy champion from. 

As for leveling, he is an easy champion to level to the max, and bear in mind that the more you level him, the longer he will live and the more chances you get more than one pull per fight.

Ability: Rocket Grab

Blitzcrank pulls the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. His next attack after pulling knocks up for 1 second. Allies within range prefer attacking Blitzcrank’s target.



Brand is the most recent champion that covers both Arcanist and Debonair traits. He is quite powerful champion considering that he’s just one gold coin. He is capable of doing damage and flexibility based on the strategy you select. However, one strategy is more powerful than the other, dependent on the type of comp. 

If you choose to go with The Arcanist trait that is the most powerful, damage will be more concentrated on one specific target.

However, if the comp is for The Debonair trait or the comp with a VIP Debonair brand. The ability he fires has two instead of just one, which allows him to take down multiple targets using one mana stack. The blue buff will give you two extremely strong attacks, and possibly the ability to remove or hurt at least two enemy champions. It is important to keep this in mind. Brand thrives when he’s with his Arcanist group because they can give him a lot of AP without even giving him one item. Brand can even die quickly so that the stronger Arcanists can thrive and perform important work on the field. In the Debonair comp, you do not want him to die that quickly if you are going for the VIP Brand, but if you are not, then it’s okay.

If you compare him to Ziggs that has a same price, the difference is so big that we can simply say that there is no place for Ziggs in this set anymore.

If you are going to spend your items on him, then you should go for some basic AP items, like The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The Blue Buff for mana, and The Archangel’s Staff, or The Hextech Gunblade for some omnivamp.

His position should always be somewhere in the back where he is protected if he is your prime DMG dealer, but if he is not, then position him around some other champions that are going to be your carries for that game, so he can take all the aggro and die before them. He shouldn’t have partially equipped items, so if you aren’t going full ap Brand, just don’t waste any items for him.

He is a one-cost unit, which means there are 29 Brands in the pool for that game, making him a very easy unit to upgrade to the maximum level.

Ability: Sear

Brand launches a fireball at the nearest enemy, lighting them ablaze for 4 seconds and dealing magic damage. If the enemy is already on fire, they take bonus magic damage which stuns them.

VIP Bonus: Fires a 2nd fireball at a different nearby target (prioritizes ablaze enemies) dealing 30% reduced damage.



Cait is one gold-priced champion who has a great range like all of the snipers do. The thing that put’s her apart from others, in my opinion, is her ultimate spell. Her ultimate spell is capable of erasing even five cost champions with full items, even if she is just a fable one gold champion. 

Comparing Caitlyn with other one gold costing champions, she is miles ahead since she is among the rare ones that stay relevant in the later points of the game too. This is why I like her so much, as she is so cost-effective, and she is a great investment to any player with some basic knowledge of items and positioning.

 The power of Cait’s ability scales with her level, but when I say scales, I mean it quintuples. The power spike you get once you reach level three is mesmerizing. Does the enemy have a full items level 3 Viktor that threatens to erase everything on the field with his lasers? No sweat, Cait can simply one-shot that guy, and he is trouble no more!

 For the placing of our dearest Sniper-Enforcer Cait, it really depends on your items and do you want her to be your carry through the game.

If she is your carry, I would suggest placing her in the corners on the lower part of your board, BUT, and this is a BIG BUT (again, no pun intended), if you do not have a Quicksilver on her, never place her at the actual corner itself, since if the enemy is playing Blitz, she is going to be grabbed and deleted in seconds, since all of the champions (enemy’s in this case) are going to focus the champion which Blitz grabbed! If she has quicksilver, the actual corner is your best choice since she is safe for the first five seconds, and Blitz will waste his Rocket grab, and later on, it is becoming less relevant since Blitz tends to die quickly. Also, if you ARE running QS, the corner is also a good hideout since she won’t be the first target for enemy assassins.

Speaking itemwise, the go-to item without which things are not good is The Guinsoo’s Rageblade. Others can be swapped, but he is essential for dealing base attack damage and for Cait to load her ult quickly. Other items can be The Bloodthirster, The QSS, The Infiniti Edge, The Edge of The Night, and The Last Whisper.

Caitlyn takes aim at the farthest enemy, firing a deadly bullet towards them that deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits.

Ability: Ace in the Hole

Caitlyn takes aim at the farthest enemy, firing a deadly bullet towards them that deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits.



Our most recent member of our team, who was awarded place among The Yordles in the patch  6.5. Corki is a decent pick.. He’s certainly tougher than he seems. You know, he looks like an old man who has a mid-life crisis. This is what he’s actually looking like. Based on the comp you are playing him comes the issue of positioning and the items.

If you’re playing The Twinshot comp, he shouldn’t be your main carry as Lucian should be.

For Yordles he is a best pick alongside Vex until Veigar arrives to dance. Veigar will be able to utilize The Magnetic Remover on you If you have the item. This just means that you should unequip all of Corki’s items and put them on Veigar. Veigar and his items are perfectly in sync. The cost is 2 gold coins and you will get a lot for your money. He isn’t even comparable to Lulu from The Yordle because he is justa better choice for the price.

The items for Corki should be The Spear of Shojin, Hextech Gunblade, and a pick between The Blue Buff, The Archangel’s Staff, The Rabbadon’s Deathcap, or even consider The Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

Corki should be positioned somewhere in the back, but you don’t have to put him far behind as he doesn’t have that great range, and in the back, he is most likely to get squashed down by some random assassin.

In The Yordle comp, level him as fast as Vex, and in the Twinishot comp, I would consider some other options before him.

Ability: Bombardment

Corki fires a missile at his target that explodes on impact, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.



Gangplank is a champion who doesn’t really take the spotlight, but does well behind the scenes of others. It’s almost like Gangplank is a tutor for the math genius. He doesn’t get any credit, but he does give one (pun intended) since he gives gold for his kills.

My guy GP was more useful in the old patch than he was there. Kog Maw was a Twinshot and a Sniper. GP was Merc and Twinshot so they would work together.

I’ve played many games of this patch, but I’ve never seen anyone use the four twinshot trait. It will be possible, I swear.

GP is mainly used to fill in the role of lacking Merc, since his utility has been cut in half by the departure of Kog Mw. He is still useful, but it doesn’t mean that he is ineffective. If you don’t have two spatulas or an extra spot for GP and you don’t have enough, you should replace him immediately after the late game begins. TheTwinshot bonus is no longer available to you because Kog Maw has been removed. Tahm is a better choice.

You can still do some damage with him and get some gold coins for each enemy he shoots using his pistol.

Because he is quick to die, he should be placed just behind the front line.

He can use the Infinity Edge or Last Whisper to his advantage, but also benefit from some sustain such as Warmog’s cape or Sunfire cape.

Ability: Parrrley

Gangplank shoots his target, dealing a percentage of his Attack Damage and bonus damage. If this kills a champion, Gangplank plunders 1 gold.



Illaoi is a must-have in every composition, whether it’s snipers or mercenaries you are going to favor in that particular game. Low-cost, high damage, even higher healing, and immense sustain, Illaoi benefits from any kind of sustain and tanky items that you equip her with. But she is important the most since she is cheap and can be quite strong when leveled up.

Bear in mind that she may look weak, but trust me, she is not. Compared to the five cost champions with high levels, she is quite a decent opponent. And because a lot of people don’t know this, she isn’t used that much, so you have a pretty high chance of maxing her level as early as level four of the game.

Do a couple of rerolls, and you sure won’t regret it!

The items she benefits the most from are Bramble’s vest, Warmog’s armor, Dragon’s claw, Titan’s resolve, Zz’Rot Portal, Sunfire Cape, Redemption, and any kind of similar item. You get the pattern. I had even won some games when I had her equipped with Morello’s. Don’t ask, just don’t.

Ability: Harsh Lesson

Illaoi slams her target, linking her soul to it for 5 seconds and dealing magic damage. While linked, Illaoi is healed for a percentage of the damage taken by her target.



Jhin is a sniper ,a four gold costing champion and he does a lot of damage!

The Khada Jhin, as his stage name sounds was with us from the start of Gizmos and Gadgets and he has always been one of the top 5 champions when it come to price-quality ratio. The level three Jhin is a game-ender. If you manage that, the enemies leave the game without the fight.

Jhin is a dangerous man . But the thing is,h e doesn’t have any sustain and will likely get blasted with any assassin who crosses his path. It is your job to decide if you want to play him offensively, or if your goal is to play safe and give him a Quicksilver or some other defensive item.

He is blessed with The Sniper and The Clockwork traits!

As far as positioning goes, Jhin should never touch the edge of the board unless he has Quicksilver.

Items should always be Infinity Edge and Last Whisper no matter what, but for the last item, you have many options and combinations. You can go Blue Buff which is the highest damage output combination, since he will ult immediately as the fight starts, or you can go for Quicksilver and take some necessary precautions. If you happen to have The Rabbadon’s Deathcap to spare, you can equip that one on Jhin too.

It is very difficult to get Jhin at level one. If you can, try to make it to level two. Jhin’s, like most Snipers isn’t very good against burst formations such as arcanists and assassins.

Ability: Curtain Call

Jhin transforms his weapon into a powerful sniper rifle for his next 4 shots. Each shot deals a percentage of his Attack Damage as physical damage, reduced by 33% for each target it pierces through. The 4th shot is guaranteed to critically strike, and deals 44% more damage based on his target’s missing Health. Passive: Jhin always attacks .9/.9/1.4 times per second. He converts each 1% of bonus Attack Speed into .8 Attack Damage.



Kassadin was in the game since the beginning of Set 6 but we were capable of seeing him in earlier patches. He was just as proficient in TFT like he was in Summoner’s Rift. He costs  one gold coin, which is quite an affordable price for what you receive. Since he was Mutant and Protector in the previous patch he was more powerful. If you have put Garen with him on the field, you could activate The Protector trait as early as level 2. They were amazing in form both the damage they caused to the game as well as the damage they sustained from their shields were insane. After the patch 6.5 was released the Protector trait has been removed. 

Kassa now is equipped with The Scholar trait, instead of the Protector trait. This is perfect, I think. It is now possible to pair Kassa with Silco , who has the similar trait. If you see the Mutant Emblem in any of your games, you are able to combine both of them using The Scholar trait or the Mutants trait.

He is a nice pick for an early game, and if you consider it, he does rock a fine two traits. The Mutant and The Scholar one. Both of those traits have an insane late game so he is a pretty cheap but strong pick for your composition.

His positioning should be in the front of the field since he is a melee champion. He had a lot more sustain before since his ability worked very well with the Protector trait, making him a very powerful champion and the one you could rely on even in the later phases of the game. Now he is a lot more squishy and likely to die very soon. This isn’t such a bad thing when you think about it, since that leaves a space open for your other Mutants to have his items or the ones that should be his, to be more precise. He should take the front middle of the board and take aggro.

I wouldn’t use any items for Kassa, but if you feel like a rebel, or you just have a magnetic remover to use later in the game, then I guess he could benefit from The Blue Buff, The Titan’s Resolve, and The Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

As he is a very cheap unit that has a large pool for the game, 29 to be accurate, he can be leveled easily, so you should abuse it and have him level three as soon as you can since it can save some of your HP and win you some fights until you have your later, stronger Mutant or Scholar units on the board, and ready for a fight!

Ability: Null Sphere

Kassadin fires an orb of void energy at his target, dealing magic damage, applying Mana Reave, and granting Kassadin a shield that reduces incoming damage by 30% for 4 seconds.



Leona is so strong right now. Like every other Debonair unit she came along with The Debonair trait in patch The Neon Nights.

She is blessed with The Debonair and The Bodyguard traits. She works well with both of them. If you are going for The Debonair comp, her VIP bonus can be a nice addition if your secondary units are Bodyguards and you will have the strongest frontline in the game there is.

The same goes for The Bodyguards, since her sustain is ridiculous. With some nice sustain items she can be almost impossible to kill. Her price is 3 golden coins, and even if it may seem like a lot, you do get a nice unit for your money. Since she is an aggressive frontline tank with a nice ultimate. The only problem is, since she is somewhere in the Mid-range when it comes to the price, is that there won’t be as many Leonas in the champion pool, as a person would like.

This shouldn’t come as a problem considering that not many players are playing The Bodyguards, but a lot of them play The Debonairs, so it is a little bit of a challenge to get her to level three.

Her items should be standard tank items like The Titan’s Resolve, The Warmog’s Armor and The Sunfire Cape. The Bramle’s Vest and The Dragon’s Claw are great choices too.

If you get a chance to level her up, you should definitely do that since she is not a waste of money, but rather a great long lasting unit.

She should be placed in the front line so she can take as much aggro as she can, and while taking a lot of damage, her mana pool will fill up a lot faster, so hopefully she will be able to cast her ultimate a couple of times per battle.

Ability: Solar Eclipse

Leona calls down a beacon of light, granting herself shield for 4 seconds. Leona and allies within 2 hexes gain Armor and Magic Resistance for the same duration.

VIP Bonus: Heals for 0.8% of max HP for each enemy targeting her.



Malzahar in Teamfight Tactics is the same Summoner’s rift’s champion.  I mean that Riot has turned it into an unstoppable, swarming E machine that just destroys every single thing in the game. His abilities in game is, as I said is the exact same as his game-play E (called The Malefic visions of the  Summoner’s Rift and ARAM). If he is  your core champion, he could be a carry any game to anyone. With The Mutant and The Arcanist Origin and Class, Malza has stayed the same throughout patch 6, and 6.5

The Mutant composition can be dependent on many factors if Malza is to become your main character. We’ve already learned that The Mutant composition changes with every game and that there are many possibilities for Mutants in a game. The other thing you are relying on is the items, as he will benefit from the usual AP as well as Omnivamp items. In the case of The Arcanist comp, Malza already has some might AP bonuses, so he could benefit from some durability in the form of Quicksilver as well as Hextech Gunblade.

Okay, let’s cover the items as they should be covered. In-depth. For The Mutant composition, I can’t give you specific items, but it is always some form of AP. In The Arcanist composition, he already has a lot of AP, but you can always go for The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The Hextech Gunblade, The Quicksilver, and The Blue Buff. I promise you he will delete your enemies in the blink of an eye. It is always fun to see the enemy champions HP melting like ice in the sun. Malza wants to see the world burn.

His position should be somewhere behind the front line or somewhere in the back, protected from the initial aggro of your foes.

He is a mid-range champion when it comes for the price, so he isn’t that easily maxed to level three. But you should always go for it since the benefits are mental.

Ability: Malefic Visions

Malzahar infects the mind of the closest unafflicted target, dealing magic damage over 8 seconds and applying 40% Magic Resistance shred for the duration. If an afflicted target dies, Malefic Visions spreads to the nearest unafflicted targets with the remaining duration.



Morgana as well as many other champions , came with patch 6.5. Since her cost is only three gold and Riot has made her an excellent choice. It’s not because she is priced too low however, it is because you can receive four to five gold  quality for the price. She is able to do damage, and has an armor and stun. That’s exactly what you get in the Summoner’s Rift. However, it’s more impressive because her shield is a part of her ultimate. It’s not a spell shield, but a general shield that guards from the effects of damage, AP, AD and even real damage. It is a fantastic choice because of all the above reasons, however that isn’t the only thing. 

She also wears The Syndicate traits as well as The Enchanter traits, and excels in both compositions. The Enchanter – Socialite – Syndicate composition can be played at any time during the day. It is a formidable defense stats, healing for units and damage-dealing abilities. You can also pick The Syndicate – Enchanter composition. It can give you an excellent game. Morgana is a key character in every game. It is easy to place Morgana within The Socialite slot if there are any Socialites. While she is an excellent champion, she can not carry by herself since she doesn’t have that much sustain.. However, she could be your primary damage source when you upgrade her with lots of AP. She is also able to take out multiple targets at once by using her AOE and stun.

Morgana is, as I said, three cost champion, and I wouldn’t expect her to be difficult to upgrade to level three once the later stages of the game come in place. You can always prioritize her if you equip her with some good items.

When we are already talking about items, let me give you some pointers. Morgana can benefit from AP, Mana, and even some tanky items as well. It really depends on what you are going for and what the game itself has brought to you. The items that I would recommend are The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The  Blue Buff, The Archangel’s Staff, The Titan’s Resolve, and The Chalice of Power.

As for positioning, Morgana should be in the first hexes behind the front line, even to the flank, so she can protect some squishier units than herself. Ultimately you want to place her somewhere. She won’t take the initial aggro but will be capable of withstanding the pressure once your frontline is gone.

Ability: Soul Shackles

Morgana grants herself a shield for 3 seconds and shackles herself to all enemies in a 2 hex radius. She then deals magic damage per second to them, as long as the shield holds.

If the shield expires without being broken, all targets are stunned. If the shield is broken, Morgana instead refunds herself 30 mana.



One of the best midlaners of The Summoner’s Rift, on the arenas of TFT, comes Orianna.

Her power doesn’t stop on The Summoner’s Rift. Oh no, she brought that power in TFT as well. Being The Clockwork Enchanter, she is no lady you want to mess with. It is incredible what riot has done with her ability since you get A STUN, A SHIELD, AND DAMAGE AGAINST YOUR OPPONENTS. I mean, what the hell? Who, for the love of God, just who in Riot Games has sat down and said: ‘’Hmm, a stun, a shield and TONS OF DAMAGE, yup sounds perfectly balanced to me.’’ Lady Orianna wrecks havoc around the world of TFT since the start of Set 6, where she secured her place as a Clockwork-Enchanter.

 Since you can understand what I am talking about, you should abuse it as well until they understand what they have done and nerf her to the point of uselessness. She does have a huge power spike after hitting level two.

A powerfull mage to carry your games, Orianna is great champion for a late game with incredible damage output and shielding potential. She is definetley a game changer.

Her place should be somewhere in the middle of the board so you can maximize all of the perks in her ult. 

For items, I would go for The Rabbadon’s Deathcap, The Spear of Shojin, and The Blue Buff.

Ability: Command: Shockwave

Orianna sends out her ball towards the largest group of champions, then commands it to release a shockwave. Allies within two hexes gain a shield for 4 seconds, while enemies within the area are briefly knocked up and dealt magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the ball are drawn in, stunning them.



Poppy is a angry litle Yordle that has the Yordle and Bodyguard origin and class. Poppy is an excellent starting champion. She is pretty damn cheap unit but I think that is a fair price for her, since for that much money you don’t expect much but you do get a champion that can work with many other traits apart from her own, like for an example she is great addition to the Syndicate composition. Since she is part of the Yordle crew, and their bonus she can get to the level three pretty soon in game.

She works best with armor items since her passive stacks with it.

But the thing is, that she isn’t really worth investing items in, since there is at least one champion in her composition that does what she do, and that is Vex. And she is much stronger than Poppy. Just food for tought.

Your early game will be weak if you don’t equip your champions with items, and that is a pretty normal thing. The game just works that way. If you’d like to reduce the loss of HP, equip her the Gargoyle’s Stoneplate or The Sunfire Cape.But that is only the case if you have The Magnetic Remover on hand, otherwise you should forget about it.

In the Bodyguard comp, the thing stays the same, and you are likely to get The Bodyguard emblem from some of your augments, so you can use it on some better champs like Cho Gath, along with the items you would equip on Poppy.

She does shadow over Ziggs in the Yordle comp, purely because of Sustain>AP damage rule in the first rounds of the game.

In the Bodyguard comp, Darius is a better choice for one gold coin champion, but you at least have some synergy early at levels. So even if you are planning to go for something else, later on, it’s a good starting comp that you can build your items on and later sell them once you reach the champions you desire.

As for positioning, she should be positioned on the front side of the board in the middle, so she would take an aggro.

As I said, for items, just don’t bother.

Ability: Buckler Toss

Poppy throws her buckler at the farthest enemy, dealing a percent of her Armor as magic damage. The buckler then bounces back, granting Poppy a shield that blocks damage.


rek sai

Rek Sai came with the arrival of The Patch 12.5. She fits in the Striker, Mutant and Bruiser traits making her quite a versatile pick. She is quite strong and a pretty damn cheap champion with a price of just two gold coins.

She is a good pick for any of the said traits so don’t hesitate to chose her whenever you have a chance. He is great as a second option in some compositions as well like a Striker fill for Hextechs and Mutant fill for Arcanists.

She is equipped with utility kit that disrupts enemy’s front line, disabling them for some time while your carries shred them into pieces. She can hold a position for quite a long time and it is not likely to be the champion that dies as soon as the game starts.

You have to make a decision if you are going to use items on her since there is a lot of stronger picks than her in the game, but then again if you have The Magnetic remover you can always use it as the game progresses. Ideal items for her are The Titans Resolve, The Sunfire Cape, The Warmogs Armor, The Brambles vest and The Dragons claw. But I would save all of those for something stronger.

She is ideally placed in the front line taking as much aggro as it is possible and wreaking havoc with her ultimate while disabling the most important units in the enemy’s team.

She is relatively easy to level up since she is pretty cheap so you are likely to get her to level three pretty soon, and he can be very important in those stages of the game.

Ability: Furious Bite

Rek’Sai bites her target, dealing 125% of her Attack Damage and bonus damage and healing herself. If Rek’sai has already bit her target, she heals for more.



Sejuani came along with The Neon Nights patch. I think she is rather good, and deserves a place in the current patch.

Sejuani is a tank, like she is in The normal League of Legends. She is an aggressive frontliner with loads of sustain  and crowd control. Riot games implemented  this perfectly and she is now one of the most valuable champions in the game. When it comes to the tanky ones of course.

She holds on three traits, with them being The Bruiser trait, The Enforcer Trait and The Hextech Trait. She can work with all of them and for every single one her job is almost always the same, and the only  difference is the bonuses that she will receive from the particular composition you are going for in that respective game.

She will always be a frontliner designed to take as much aggro as it is humanly possible, but instead of being just a meat for pounding (sorry kids), she also carries some utility with her kit. That basically means that her team could benefit greatly from her ultimate, and her enemies won’t, as it tends to be.

Her positioning should always be in the front two rows, taking as much damage and trying to survive as long as she can, so the more powerful units, in the form of damage, can clear the debris from the enemy’s side of the field.

Her items should always be the ones that provide the most sustain, but depending on what do you need in particular game its hard to tell. But again, there aren’t a million of them, are there? For some bonus armour you should always go for The Titan’s Resolve and The Bramble’s Vest. The Sunfire Cape works well too! For Magic Resist there is The Spirit Visage and The Dragon’s Claw. And for HP, and overall good item is always The Warmog’s Armour.

She is among the cheaper units in the game, with the price of just two golden coins so that makes her available for upgrading to the maximum level. The only problem is she does hold on to 3 traits, so she is very much needed for a lot of compositions.

Ability: Arctic Assault

Sejuani signals Bristle to charge, dealing magic damage and stunning her target. She then gains Frost Armor, granting her Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds



Singed is also a inexpensive champion, much as Ezreal that starts with just one gold coin. Singed can be very useful to Innovators and Chemtechs in contrast to Ezreal. Singed is an impressive early game and mid-game. But, he’s vulnerable in the late game. In contrast to Ezreal that doesn’t draw much crowd in the early phases of the game Singed is quite important for those who decide Chemtechs are their choice in the current game and you’ll not be able to get Level 3. Singed in the early game as much as you would like.

His fling is a gamechanger since it impacts both the target champion and does aoe knock-up in the place where enemy champion lands. This can be handy in the situations where enemy’s champion is about to cast the ability and is interrupted by the knock-up , leaving your champions a little bit of time to react and possibly turn the fate of the fight in your favor.

When you are in the early games of the fight and you don’t have enough champions to make 5 Chems composition, i always put 2 Singeds on the board because of the knock-up effect.

He is also a good frontliner and can tank some nice amounts of damage.

As far as the items are concerned, Singed isn’t a waste of items like Ezreal is, and he can benefit from Warmogs Armour or Brambles vest.

Ability: Fling

Singed flings a nearby enemy towards the largest cluster of enemies, stunning his target for seconds when they land. All adjacent enemies take magic damage and are briefly stunned.



Sivir, like every other Hextech unit came along with the set 6.5.

Sivir is quite a powerful unit but the problem is that she is too expensive and I don’t think she is worth the money. Okay let me paraphrase that. I think that she is really stuck in Lucian’s shadow, not because she is not worth 4 golden coins, but for the reason that Lucian is worth so much more than 3 golden coins and plus he is much easier to level up than Sivir.

That doesn’t mean that she is bad, her ultimate is pretty strong and can shred enemy’s backline units from far away. This makes her very powerful in teamfights.

She also carries The Hextech and The Striker trait making her quite compatible with Jarvan, but unfortunately for Sivir, Jarvan is trash so he won’t be much assistance to her.

In both her traits she will be the first or the second carry. With the Hextech trait, the carry position will definitely be taken by Lucian, but Sivir is a great backup for him, while with strikers she can do it on her own.

She benefits from ad items, and armour penetration combined with a dash of attack speed. The perfect items for her are The Infinity Edge, The Guinsoo’s Rageblade and The Last Whisper. Some good choices are also The Edge of Night, The Quicksilver and The Bloodthierster.

She should be positioned like a simple adc, protected from the fire. The best place for her would be somewhere in the backline while your tanks take all of the aggro. She should be on of the last living units in every battle you fight.

Ability: On the Hunt

For the next 5 seconds, Sivir grants herself bonus Attack Speed and her attacks bounce, dealing 40% of her Attack Damage to enemies hit.

Tahm kench

tahm kench
Tahm Kench

By far one of the most powerful champions in the current set, since he can devour even the strongest of the enemy champions!

His mechanics and looks on regular Summoner’s Rift, to his use in the magical world TFT. Tahm Kench, who is hot at the price of five golds, is a game-changer. He is an integral component of Merc – Snipers and Sniper – Mercs compositions. You can’t win without him. This is how the game works.

He is a much better choice from Gangplank and you should have this in mind, even if your Gangplank is level three, Tahm Kench is a better solution, in the long run, so you should always replace GP with Tahm Kench.

While still at level one, I will admit he won’t do much, in case of doing the actual work around the field, but rather annoy you with his damage-less ability. But once he hits level two, god forbid level three, that’s where the fun begins.

Tahm Kench’s magic begins to shine once he starts eating his foes like he did in his lore. If you run Merc – Sniper composition, it is likely that you will have five Mercs by the time Tahm hits your board. And if you’re lucky, maybe even seven. It happened once to me, happy times. However, if you return to Tahm and you have five mercenaries, then you can buy Tahm if you have done well in the game. This is the final game. Since you have five Mercs, you will probably have some crazy items. There are a lot. You are expected to have three to four more items than your opponents at level eight.

You can use it to your advantage. No, abuse it. Tahm will benefit from whatever you give him. When it comes to food, he is similar to me. But I would rather not indulge in that.

The best items for Tahm come from the tank, or a section of items. My recommendations are Titan’s resolve and Warmog’s armor, as well as the Jeweled Gauntlet. You can also choose to go for Blue Buff or Rabbadon’s and Redemption. It is up to you. It’s actually up to him, since once he reaches level 2, you won’t be much of an influence on the board. Sett, you’re done. It’s The Boss, the mighty Tahm Kennech!

Ability: Devour

Tahm Kench devours his target, storing them in his belly for 3 seconds and dealing magic damage over the duration. During this time, they are invulnerable to other sources of damage and Tahm Kench takes 40% reduced damage. If they die while inside, Tahm Kench spits out a random item component they were holding or the cost of the unit in gold. Otherwise, he spits them towards the farthest enemy, briefly stunning targets they impact.



Zac is currently the champion in the A-tier. While he’s powerful, it’s not enough to warrant his position. I will not spend a lot of time pointing out his shortcomings or criticizing him, as there are many other champions who are doing a lot worse than him. Wow! That sounds like he’s a bad champion. He’s not. He’s an Chemtech Bruiser and has numerous applications for both of them.

He’s very tough and is able to take out two enemies at once with his ability. He is able to deal some serious damage up to level 3 however, that’s remarkable for an bruiser tank type of champion.

His price is decent, it’s three gold coins, and that puts him in the middle of the range. I think it’s a fair price for him, and since not many people are playing The Chemtech or The Bruiser comp, because of the hype of the new set, he is actually available a lot. Do you know what that means? Yup, you can upgrade him to level three pretty quickly.

His position is in the front. Alongside his tank buddies, he does great both as a tank and disrupter of the enemy’s front line. He also does not tend to die quickly since both of his traits are focused on sustain.

Item-wise, you can’t go wrong with The Warmog’s Armor, The Sunfire Cape, and The Dragon’s Claw.

Ability: Yoink!

Zac stretches his arms up to three hexes to pull the two most distant enemies towards him, dealing magic damage. Zac takes less damage while using this ability.



Along with Ashe, the newest addition to our TFT universe is Zeri!

Like Ashe, Zeri came to replace Kog Maw and Tristana and fill the missing spot in the Sniper trait with the addition of the new Debonair class. I think she works great in both of them and you can definetly find a place for her in your team!

Zeri is high damage, high-cost unit, which basically tells you, you get what you pay for! In my opinion, she is too strong at the moment, and some nerfs are heading her way on Summoner’s Rift and TFT arenas as well. She has an insane burst potential, and if you manage to get her up to level, God knows how many seconds will pass before your enemies beg for mercy!

Zeri is powerful at level one as a person would expect a five cost champion to be, but she shines even brighter, nope, scrap that, but she buzzes even stronger when she is at level two, and I am afraid to tell you that one-second delete you get if she somehow reaches level three.

Positioning at the back, like most of her friends, of the sniper trait, you should always try to shield your 5 cost unit with some of your other, lower-cost units.

You should go Guinsoo’s Rageblade to get the bonus attack speed, Titan’s Resolve to sustain and Last Whisper to do some armor penetration shredding.

Ability: Lightning Crash

Zeri charges herself up with electricity for 6 seconds. While electrified, she aims at the farthest enemy, her attacks pierce, and she dashes after every shot. Passive: Zeri’s attacks fire bullets, each dealing 18% of her Attack Damage as physical damage plus bonus magic damage to the first unit hit. VIP Bonus: Zeri’s Lightning Nova’s radius is doubled.



Zyra is among the champions that stayed in the game throughout both sets 6 and 6.5. The unit costs two coins and is a slam dunk. Although she isn’t expensive she can do a lot of damage for her low cost. She is a perfect example of The Syndicate traits and The Scholar traits. While they’re not exactly harmonious or compatible however, they could be beneficial when you own The Scholar emblem or The Syndicate emblem, based on the type of composition you choose to play a particular game. Zyra can benefit from both of her compositions, however in a different manner. 

The Syndicate composition will give her more endurance, through armor, MR and Omnivamp. The other one The Scholar composition will grant massive quantities of mana. This will enable her to use her ults every couple of seconds. This is a great option that you can get at the beginning of game. If you own at the very least Syndicate and Scholar, this is the one to keep.

She benefits from AP and Mana items, like The Blue Buff, The Spear of Shojin, The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, and The Jeweled Gauntlet. 

She should be positioned somewhere in the mid or the backline, preferably in the middle, since she doesn’t have enough power nor strength to carry all by herself and has some utility with her ability to provide some support to your frontline.

She will be relatively easy to max since not a lot of people are playing The Syndicates nor The Scholar comp.

Ability: Grasping Spines

Zyra summons vines in the row with the most enemies, dealing magic damage and stunning them.


This is the end of our Champion A Tier List for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics! Units mentioned in this Tier are some good, solid units that can change outcome of the game if they are used properly. They are also the most balanced units in the game right now!

One thing is for sure, and that is, META changes every week with every new patch, so even if you see your champion on this list, don’t despair since you might just see him among the best units in the S tier as soon as the next patch hits the servers.

Stay tuned, there is many more interesting things to come, and definitely more Tier lists to cover for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics. Only on, The Games Cabin!